1. E

    New Member in Lapeer Michigan

    Hi I am a new member and Live in Lapeer Michigan I have a Ruttman mini bike about 1969-70 Also a LiL Indian 1969-70 just on ebay the gray framed with a long front end and a 4 inch front . The Ruttman is nice and orig. light green color with 6in. wheels front...
  2. outlaw fab shop

    Lapeer dragway-open to mini bikes!!

    Ok, i'm gonna try this again, Ed at lapeer says cmon out any saturday, gates at noon, $25.00 for all the track time you can get while were there! If we got 10 bikes that want a bracket race he will give a trophy, if not test and tune the F*ck outta your stuff. You don't need me, just show up...
  3. D

    lapeer mi

    is there a minibike drag event tommarow i seen something on there website about november 14 1/8 test and tune :shrug::shrug:
  4. outlaw fab shop

    Lapeer drag way minibike drags (Michigan)

    Asked Ed if we could do some minibike drags at lapeer drag way this season and he said yes!! It would be on Saturdays on the test and tune day. I was thinking a e.t. Class with dial in, and a head up class. Either way, at least there will be hopefully more then just 2 races a season (ubly) stay...