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    1969 Lil'Indian Mini Bike for sale

    Freshly painted medium blue metallic Mini Bike for sale with 3Hp. Briggs and Stratton Engine. Complete with 2 new blue fenders , new clutch and chain. New tires complete and not ridden since purchased so once you get it and assemble it you will be the first to ride it. My loss is your gain...
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    Lil'Indian outlaw chopper

    This is my newest project!! Im more in gathering mode at this point. it's a lil'indian outlaw chopper I belive this is the first of three versions of an outlaw chopper,nos never built,and it's really cool. I got it from a fella down south..Im gonna need some help,anyone is welcome to chime in...
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    lil'indian lll

    I finally finished it,I think powder blue with a little gold pearl in the clear coat for the wild factor... nice little vintage h30 completly rebuilt,head decked-cyliner honed .020 over nos. piston rings and rod,stuffs getting a little hard to find... valves refaced-seats has so...
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    lil'indian frame and fork set,later model.has larger fork stem bushings included. i think it's a 4" wheel model,nice and straight with a few's missing the front fender bracket and has holes drilled in the fork tubes.also missing the caliper bracket couple small holes in engine plate...