Lil'Indian outlaw chopper

This is my newest project!! Im more in gathering mode at this point.
it's a lil'indian outlaw chopper I belive this is the first of three versions of an outlaw chopper,nos never built,and it's really cool.
I got it from a fella down south..Im gonna need some help,anyone is welcome to chime in with their knowledge .i want to restore this.the biggest challenge I see at this point is the seat...if any of you guys have or know someone who may have one in any condition i would really like to know.
also the two speed or jackshaft mount...the rest of it looks to be bicycle stuff??sissybar&handlebars....
nos 80232 engine,I simply can't find a 80212 anymore.the wheels came from minibike paul,really nice guy...thanks paul..please take a look and let me know what you think,I could use some help..any time man has come together to solve a common problem,it's allways worked out better than every man for himself.
Those are cool bikes. Seat- any idea how they were originally? Was it a metal, or plastic seat pan? Challenge is upholstering non-wood. Since you have the essential layout already, maybe a veneer layup with epoxy/polyester would give you the shape, as well as a base for stapling upholstery.
Wow,,don't everybody chime in at once on this topic
I woudn't want to miss anything.
if any one knows anything about these like how
long the shocks were ,I could really use your help...
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Hello I owned one of these new in 1969 and have a nos frame in the garage. Call me 717-979-3309 if no awnser leave message and I will call back. Mike