1. skarrd

    new member,old rider

    Howdy all, I am originally from Arizona,been here 20 + years.i rode mini's a lot when I was yoiunger,only had one since moving here,traded it to my neighbor for auto work/repairs.will end up with another,i enjoy them more than 4 wheelers or full size 2 wheelers.and my woman doesn't worry as...
  2. fake member

    fake member

    fake member
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  4. S

    New/Old board member

    Hi all, I was on the boards a few years ago and had to re-register since changing jobs. I am trying to find my son (14) something not very fast, but not for an 8 year old either. I don't know how to work on them really so want something new, or newish, at least that makes sense on the surface...
  5. J

    New member from Norway with Benelli project

    Hi! So, just registered to this forum yesturday since I got my first mini bike! It's a Benelli Dynamo, and I can't find any information about this bike on any Norwegian sites. I'm looking for some parts, since it's a project. I don't even know if it's worth fixing yet, but I will go threw all...
  6. A

    New Memeber & New Bike!

    Howdy fellas, I've been lurking on the forum for a few months now trying to get as educated as possible to finally make a purchase! Well I really wanted a mini bike to ride at the beach and at a few ranches I usually go to so my main "need" was a full suspension bike. I'd looked all over my...
  7. U

    New Member From Sacramento

    Hi guys. A couple of days ago I got this minibike for free. All I know is that it was really old, did not run, and the rear tire was flat. The engine is a Briggs flathead, and what's odd is that to start it, you have to wind a rope around this pulley deal on the side of the motor. The carb was...
  8. S

    New Member from Vermont

    Hi guys my name is Andy and i live in northern vermont and i'm very excited to learn a lot about all the different minibikes out there
  9. R

    New member, in need of help.

    This is my first post, so, "Hello Everyone!" "LONG VERSION" (for short version, scroll down) I picked up a junker Baja Heat a few weeks ago for $50. It didn't run, but was fairly complete. I then bought a Predator 212cc engine to drop in it, since the factory engine needed some work and...
  10. capt512shooter

    New Happy Member, Saying Hi

    Very happy to have found this site. Hope to be a helpful long term member by adding good information as I learn. Little about who I am, what I do, etc... Just an Old Fart 44 from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Been working on the Mississippi River for 20 years. Member of BRAMBA (Baton Rouge...
  11. MotorheadJohn

    New Member - Performance Upgrade ?

    Hello: I just registered today, July 15, 2014. Looks like a pretty cool group so allow me to ask a question. This weekend I had my grandson over, his birthday was today and he just turn 10. While over we took a ride on my Whizzer, then on the HD Road King and then went and got some ice...
  12. T

    Becoming supporting member

    Want to become supporting member, it says to add user name. Do not see where to type in user name before paying. Help please.:thumbsup:
  13. M

    New Member Mark069 in Barrie,Ont. Canada

    Hey Guys and Gals My name is Mark Im new to the forum but not to the sport I own a few old minibikes aswell as a 50cc pocket bike and a 170cc 3/4 scale race bike,big bore and ported and polished what a blast to ride. I will be posting some pics soon. Take care talk to you all...
  14. R

    new member with an older bike

    hey folks! i just picked up an older manco mini bike with a brigs and stratton 3.5 engine. being that ive never worked on small engines and i dont really know where to start going over this bike i was hoping you guys could help. project goals are to get the bike all tuned up and from there see...
  15. R

    new member with a minibike gearing trouble

    Hello I'm rebuilding a minibike I got when I was 10.I'm now 14 and my original motor (49cc) on it broke so I just switched it to a Honda gc160 I got with my go kart.I want to make it go at least 65mph but I don't know how many teeth my clutch should have my jack shaft in has 21 out is 21 and...
  16. X

    Lil' Indian 7000 New Member

    Wealth of information on this site, thanks for that. I got my mini from my late uncle about 10 years ago and it's been through a barrage of repairs, changes, and torture. The only questions I have so far are: how do I know which series of Comet clutch is on this thing? it's worn through and...
  17. A

    New Member

    Hi All. Let me introduce myself. I am "AZUSAZHOLE" which AZUSA is going to think I am after reading some of my threads. I am an old timer that did the mini bike thing back in the day with all of my buddies. I recently decided to try it again after owning every thing under the sun sence then...
  18. UnorthodoxCreat

    New member, looking for brake help on mini chopper

    Hi all, first post here. I'm looking for help with my brake setup on my mini chopper. I built this as my senior project in high school(about 10 years ago) and I just recently pulled it out of my dad's garage and have started tinkering with it again. As you'll see in the pictures it currently...
  19. J

    New member - Tote Gote!

    Hello all. Just found this site today. I grew up riding my dads tote gote and today just found my own! Its a 60's 404. Has a new B&S 5hp engine that seems to run great. Just missing one foot peg. Any ideas on where to get one?
  20. W

    yamaha Chappy 80 questions/new member

    hello everyone. new to this forum! late last summer i picked up a Yamaha Chappy 80. it hasnt ran in a few years. but it did run. im not the most amazing mechanic but i rebuilt the carb and put some gas in it and then the petcock started leaking! but thats kind of where i am at with the bike...