1. manchester1

    "my new truck"

    I finally got a new truck today. It was a all day process :doah: I really wanted another chevy Colorado but they stopped making them until next year. Guess I will just have to settle for this.:laugh::laugh: Toyota 2013 pre owned with 4000 miles:thumbsup:
  2. manchester1

    "My new Toy" Suzuki S40

    Finally got a chance to ride my new toy today. A 2012 Suzuki S40 Boulevard. It has a lot more power than a mini-bike:laugh::laugh:
  3. vette66_00

    An awesome Craigslist ad for "MY BROTHERS SMART CAR"

    Ok its not my brother smart car but it is this guys brothers smart car. Here is the link buy my brother's smartcar And here is what it says with the pics included...LOL