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  • Hi Chris,
    Hey, I need to sticky the Perris Race. The schedule is October 23 and November 27. The races will be during the day. I will give precise times later but we will be doing much more racing than at the night races.

    we got a whole bunch of stuff posted by mistake how do we delete it? under the victorville race thanks
    Would you please stickey my "Huge free prize" thread, in events - we will be adding to the booty for cthe next 10 days leading up to the event!! Thanks
    hello! I need to do a up date on the event out at Perris next weekend, they just closed the old smaller track and are going to trying out the new bigger track but it will be a pratice instead of racing so they can get it wired for racing! so they will be sarogating the pratices because we cant be out there with the big bikes which means all the mini bikes will pratice together which is still very fun?! and you can get your gearing ready on the bigger track and we can race each other during our pratices any ways=quality riding time with each other with no race pressures?! same price$10.00 gate fee and $20.00 pratice =$30.00 for a day on a new very fast full size 1/4 track! i doubt the snack bar will be open so bring plenty of food and drink.
    Hey I was Coming By To Ask Could Yu List me Sum Of Da Mods Yu have On Your DB I have Da Exact Ting Yu Got Im Tryna Go Fast So If Yu Could Can Yu Plz Sent Me A Message Thanks
    hey i was checking out ur sporcket adapter i have a few posts out there asking about the gearing set up on these bikes and i noticed u seemed to have tinkered with quit a few gear set ups i have a stock doodlebug gear being driven by the famous hf 6.5 hp engine and im only doing about 33 mph so if i dropped that rear gear to a 50 tooth would that get me into the fortys or possibly fiftys?
    Is there going to be a race this friday (4/23) at plaza park? By the way you know my buddy Brad Munch, he was tellin me about your mini bike collection!
    chris, do you know how to post videos from you tube. i was able to before. now i dont think they let you.
    yo chris, whats up man. was a pleasure to meet and race with you finally. hope to do it again, soon
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