1. T

    is there any value 1969 orig taco 44 tires??

    hello all, is there any value to 1969 taco 44 tires ?? i have mine they are dried out just curious if there is any value to them ?? thanks bobby
  2. Jamie1972

    WTB: Orig. TrailHorse throttle and grip@@@@

    Need just a throttle and grip to match this grip.
  3. P

    Orig roper seat palmini go kart tank

    Orig roper seat, 1 small spot, looks like maybe a burn? Wood bottom is solid 45.00 old aluminum palamini go kart gas tank, unfortunately it has 3 dings as pictured 200.00, (thats what i paid) i have seen worse go for much more plus shipping
  4. Jamie1972

    Trail Horse GTO Series service/repair manual

    Covers everything from GTO-100-1500 10 pages, not sure if it's a repop.? Maybe. $20.00,free shipping.
  5. JohnnyTillotson

    El Tigre

    One of the 2 bikes in this ad is an El Tigre for $150. How complete is it? Im not positive but i think the seat isnt orig. Anything else? Minibikes for sale
  6. trailhopper

    Rupp cover still in orig package

    :scared: Rupp clutch cover chain guard mini bike new | eBay
  7. minibikin'

    Alexander Reynolds ARCO w/ orig engine

    Another one on the block. Bike has had one repaint (not flattering). Was originally my favorite lime green and visible in some areas. Engine is original and fires when putting some fuel in the carb. Reeks of old gas for sure. Nice original fenders! Scrub brake in good shape and the seat is, well...
  8. S

    Rupp or Ruttman w orig B&S on craigslist!

    I cant upload on my rogue wds black but its on oklahoma city oklahoma motorcycles & scooters for sale seller email sale-fu4hk-i561104719@craigslist.org $150.00 a damn good deal in my opinion check it out, just came out today!:deal::