1. L

    Geniune Honda GX200 carb Bored & Blueprinted .650, #39 jet and pilot

    Carburetor, GX200 Bored Out and circuitry reworked. Venturi 16.5mm (.650mm). 100% Bolt on mod. Approx .05 to 0.75 hp more than stock carb depending. Choke is removed.These are OEM Honda (Keihen) carbs. They produce .2 to .3 more HP than equivalent (bored) aftermarket carbs.This carb is...
  2. R

    Pilot/ low idle jet?

    Does anyone know if there are different size Pilot/ low idle jet and should it be changed when installing a new main jet and emulsion tube? Also what size is a stock jet in a Predator 212cc hemi? Thanks Roger!
  3. Patmachine

    Best way to transport a Rupp in back of Honda Pilot??

    Just wondering if anyone has a great way to transport a Rupp Roadster I just bought 600 miles in the back of my Pilot? Thanks!! Pat
  4. L

    Any idea what mikuni pilot jet this is

    Any idea what mikuni pilot jet this is? It's a #60 pilot jet in a carb I ordered and I need a #30. Its from a vm26 genuine mikuni but im not sure if its a 26-606 or a 26-8074 mikuni and if that would make a difference. Apparently at tboltusa their genuine vm26 pilot jets won't be compatible with...
  5. L

    Mikuni vm26 main jets + pilot jets

    Looking for some main jets size 150-200 and pilot jets 17.5-30 Will pay with paypal right away if your trusted and you can send them in an enevelope as long as they work, it don't bother me:laugh: and by chance if anyone comes across a 4J13 needle or 0-0 249 needle jet
  6. D

    mikuni 22mm flooding

    My set up -212 non-hemi predator -nr racing ported 18cc Honda head milled .050 -cm push rods stock length -reinforced rocker arms stock ratio -.016 copper head gasket -lash caps -black mamba can -arc rod and flywheel -head and side cover studs -22mm mikuni -Robertson torque loop...
  7. S

    Looking for CT70 turn signal pilot lens

    Looking for a CT70 turn signal pilot lens for my 77'. The part is #6 as shown here: http://partstream.arinet.com/Image?arik=xmnwoI2cLM6QNAyhdjWs&arib=HOM&arim=8j5OO0XOuwUfiFCzxDV6YA2&aria=xbuXSBOFNjAKQJnvi1z9jQ2&ariz=3&ariv=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.joneshondaofmissouri.com%2Foempartfinder.htm
  8. David wulf

    Mikuni pilot jet ??????

    I have a 22mm mikuni carb . My ?? is when i look though the pilot jet there seems to be a cross section in it . and i can't stick a thin wire though it . Is it clogged or is there suppose to be some sort of cross section in it .
  9. B

    Mikuni pilot issue

    Hi there guys.just a quick question.i have installed a 15 pilot jet in my mikuni carb but it doesn't run great with that so I install the 17.5 and works great.but iv noticed upon on screwing it in it doesn't screw as far up as the 12.5 or 15 pilot jets.must be about 3mm difference in screwing it...
  10. gumpit

    6.5 clone pilot screw needed

    I need a pilot screw for a blue harbor freight 6.5 clone. Anyone got one? Or a source? Thanks Randy
  11. J

    WTB DB30 Pilot Jet

    WTB Stock DB30 Pilot Jet I have restored an old, abused, DB30 I pulled from the scrap yard but the pilot jet seals are shot. Does anyone have either a pair of seals or a whole pilot jet I could buy off them? This is for the old model stock Carburetor with an air/mix screw.
  12. X

    MIKUNI Pilot jet

    What pilot jet are people using in there VM22? Some people use a 12.5 and other swear by the 17.5 i know the standard is 15. So is it best to up the pilot or down it. Opinions would be appreciated
  13. X

    Which pilot jet i need

    I have a mikuni carb on a honda gx200 engine, But need a bigger pilot jet. Which one do i require is it a VM28/213 or a VM28/486 only difference is one has a 1.9mm bleed tube other one has a 2.2mm. With out taking the carb and engine off i just thought i would ask you guys first. Thanks...
  14. maddcarson

    Any socal guy have a 17 pilot jet

    I need a 17 pilot jet for my Mikuni 22mm. I have to turn the idle up alot to start it and it dies sometimes when im decelerating. Needed by saturday or on saturday before the race in perris
  15. boogyman

    Mikuni pilot jets

    Just checking if anyone has pilot jets for the 22 mm mikuni like AGK sells? I am looking for a 17.5 at this point,let me know what you got:smile: