1. P

    Kill Switch on Engine not working

    So after about 2 years of not starting, my preadator 212 ran into another issue, the kill switch doesn’t work, not even the stock on on the engine. My question here is how do i fix this, i am not good with wiring nor do i know how to identify the issue. Any held would be great!
  2. G

    212cc Predator Issues

    Hey guys, I've recently been having a problem with my 212cc Predator. My bike starts up just fine and has no issues but when I switch it into run, the engine dies after about 5 seconds. The gas is on and I'm not really sure what would cause this to happen. The engine also is relatively new and...
  3. CJdoodlebug90

    HELP Preadator with dyno cam AND NOW HAS CRAZY COMPRESSION!!!

    I installed a dyno cam inst my preadator and it has crazy compression. Almost pulled shoulder out trying to start it. I tried lashing valve and didnt work. I have ordered 18lbs springs. Only mod I have is header. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? HOW CAN I LOWER COMPRESSION SO THAT I CAN START IT?
  4. CJdoodlebug90

    Preadator hemi or non hemi???

    im getting a dyno can and 18lbs springs for my 212cc but it says that the cam is only for no hemi blocks. Is there any other way to id a hemi from a non hemi other that valve cover? I heard something about non hemi has black carb studs
  5. 93notch408

    preadator slow after cam install

    i just got a black mamba cam and 26 pound springs installed them in my bike and it lost some mph over the stock cam and stock springs mods are: aluminum flywheel 4 dagree advanced header pipe but its kinda short 90 jet in the carb air filter and adaptor black mamba cam 26 lb springs...