1. H

    almost gumpit proof
  2. Bikerscum

    More proof that us Cal boys make the best customs

    sound system optional
  3. Shunter

    Fuel Proof Paint Bingo

    Tried different paints, paint and clear coat combos and have had no luck holding up to gas...then I thought back to my RC days... so I went out and bought a can of "LustreKote Spray Paint Black" I cleaned up a tank, prepped it for paint and shot it with the LustreKote, gave it a few days to set...

    Next year at billet proof i hope to have this done

    Yes im already talking about next year this will be easyer to cram in my car and a lot faster
  5. jdogg

    Proof that I am King................

    of my castle!! :laugh: Built this about 2 years ago and finally put it together and got a finish on it!! Now it needs a footrest:thumbsup:

    Proof that doodlebugs are dope!

    Check out this pic I found. No its not me im not some fat little kid, sick jump for the bug tho.
  7. Randy

    Crash proof motorcycle

    Wayne sent this to me. // Media » Crashproof Bike Safety System
  8. Vaxian

    My $100 Rupp / proof U can polish a turd

    Here is my latest aquisition. Bought off a local kid for $100.00 Put a different carb on her and she runs like a scalded dog. Yes, the seat did come with batteries. :thefinger: Planning on putting in a 1/4 racing cam, NOS, Headers, and maybe dual turbos. She's a Racer!