1. TeamCheap

    shopping ALIBABA

    I'd like one of these around the property.
  2. Dragbikemini

    I need some help with new site

    Hey everyone! Hitting off NewYear good with some work at home for about next 6-8 mos. I'm going to go easy on the jeep project because its got rust issues so that means I'm back and going to take a stab at a Drag mini. Have some questions because site has changed. I know pics I posted were...
  3. incogrhino

    property surveyed

    Got my property surveyed. Got 10 acres. Goes back 1/4 mile. Well..... every deer season.... my property gets crowded in bad. Not this year.:thumbsup: Already moved a tree stand,a chair and a sitting bucket from my land. The neighbors house is bout 12' off the line. They don't seem happy bout not...
  4. oldfatguy

    this is why NJ has the highest property taxes

    Some N.J. private schools for disabled students cashing in on taxpayers | of all fifty states.
  5. K

    Came with the property . . .

    Found this one in the dumpster as the previous owner was cleaning off the property before I moved in. Pulled it for a fun project for my son and me. Can anyone identify this guy? The motor is a '93 Briggs and Stratton 3HP (guessing not original), the foot-pegs are a weld-on piece from...