1. J

    Atlas MB3000

    Fully restored Atlas MB3000 for sale $3200 located in Chaska, MN. Frame, fork, fenders all powder coated. Some parts chromed. Atlas mini-bikes were manufactured by Atlas in St. Louis, MO. This one is circa 1972. Serial No. 0038 (tag on the frame) Frame, fenders, fork, wheel rims, sprocket...
  2. T

    Retek Cheetah Revived

    As you can see I did not have everything needed to restore. Front Fender had to be reproduced using a couple trailer fenders. Added a new Jackshaft for the different engine style. Also had to fabricate some chain gaurds. Required 3 different chain sizes but eventually it all worked rides great...
  3. cambo61

    F/S (1) Go Power 6" *Magnesium* front wheel 3/4" taper fully restored

    It's time to let go of this fully restored Magnesium Go Power. I want $90 + ins/ship from (32952). This complete wheel was disassembled, blasted, and painted with a color matched single stage urethane. New races, fasteners and ready for show. Be advised. I may not be available to ship until...
  4. B

    Wanted: Vintage Chopper mini bikes. Original or Restored TOP $$ Paid.

    Wanted: Vintage Chopper mini bikes. Original or Restored TOP $$ Paid. No tire kickers here, not looking to talk your ear off for weeks, ask you for hundreds of photos and then make an embarrassing offer. That is Not us, we Do Not operate like that. There is 1 person on here that does exactly...
  5. just befor racing #s

    just befor racing #s

  6. Sixpac440

    Rare "Restored" Bonanza Sport 50 (BC1450?), $$$, what's not original? Just curious ..

    Restored 1969 Bonanza Sport 50 Mini Bike Motorcycle | eBay
  7. G

    K&S Hornet Completely Restored

    This K&S Hornet was completely restored to new condition. The bike was in great shape to start but was completely taken apart and painted as well as the motor. The bike has not been run since it was restored and has no gas or oil in it now. I was told the motor ran great so all he did was paint...
  8. Biodude

    Restored Roadster on Ebay

    Not sure if anyone has seen it yet, but they call it a 100 point restoration. What does that mean? I am under that impression that it means that the restoration is flawless with no defects. But if a person doesn't use original parts, can it still be a 100 point restoration? Your thoughts...
  9. K

    Blazer, Tote Gote - Restored, Suisun City, Ca 94585- $700

    Hello, I have for sale one Blazer, similar to Tote Gote. Most of it is original parts that have been cleaned and repainted. I had the frame and rims sandblasted. All of the red parts are painted with epoxy and single stage automotive paint. The engine and all the drive train are original...
  10. cruhr1

    Couple of engines I restored

    Here are a few pics of the engines I just finished restoring. The black one is an HS40 with lighted coil from my 71 speedway scorpion and the white one is a '66 Briggs 3hp from my Fox Campus. The Hs40 was a pretty extensive rebuild with new piston, rings, valves and gaskets. The Briggs was in...
  11. R

    Trail Blazer Restored

    No relation but these have been sought after latley Vintage Trail Blazer Restored Mini Bike 1970'S | eBay
  12. R

    Vintage 1960"s Vintage Restored Cyclop"s

    Vintage 1960's Cyclops Nice Mini Bike Bonanza Lil Indian Rupp Doodle Bug | eBay
  13. Rupp_It_Up

    72 Speedway Green Horn - RESTORED $2400

    1972 Speedway Green Horn Sports Cycle / Mini Bike This is a classic mini bike from the early 70’s that was built in Mansfield, Ohio across town from Rupp Industries. In fact Speedway Products, Inc., was started by 2 ex-Rupp employees. The Green Horn was only produced in ’72 & this bike is...
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  17. B

    need a seat to be restored.

    I'm looking to have this seat restored for my invader mini bike. Does anybody know of someone that does really good work. Thanks.
  18. M

    My restored Tecumseh

    Thought you guys might like to see a picture of my newly restored Tecumseh. This is the picture the gentleman who restored it sent me. Its getting shipped next week after the paint cures. Its the closest thing to a brand new, in the box engine. All machined, painted and ready to install on my...
  19. Iron Honky

    Beautiful restored bc1300/1200 roller

    Well I decided to part ways with my restored roller. Comes with repopped mx wheels and a awesome set of kidney bean rims and double indian head tires with knubs still on them (almost brand new). Repopped fiberglass guard and under the seat bracket and tank too. Fenders are nos bonanza not...
  20. xr7gt

    Bonanza mini bike

    I picked up a Bonanza yesterday. Not sure what model it is. I tried to identify it from the posts here on OldMiniBikes forums.