1. blkscorpion80

    2 Rupp Roadsters up for grabs

    The bikes have been sold
  2. Biodude

    2 1969 Rupp Roadsters for the price of one! That is a screaming deal!! Why do these always come up after I have left the area? I was just there 3 weeks ago. :confused:
  3. WrenchDad

    Two Rupp Roadsters

    RUPP MINI BIKES ROADSTER 2 CLASSICS Hey Guys, I saw these listed on CL and asked the guy if he minded me posting it on this site just give the members here a heads up. He's asking $2800 each. He said he had five bikes and was thinning the herd. The ad say's he is going to have them out at...
  4. S

    3 Rupp Roadsters for sale

    #1 Not sure of the Year,Runs and drives great,needing only wiring for kill switch and headlight sorted out.This is an original survivor brought out from a long storage in an attached garage.Very nice condition for it's age,Wheels need attention but even has the original matching Rupp tires ...