2 1969 Rupp Roadsters for the price of one!


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I emailed the guy and he said a collector is coming this afternoon to pick them up....
The email response in 24hrs. Was overwhelming he said...:laugh: Gee....I wonder why....
I was able to buy the rupps I am at work so can't post pictures Very happy 1 runs light work and brakes are good the second is almost complete looking at engine today. guy was great worked with me on price but wasn't cheap I have wanted one since this madness began.
thanks guys I uploaded some photos but one keeps showing upside down. The parts bike actually has the right engine but no spark. I won't be able to touch it till later this week. The guy had a box of parts with the original jackshaft and 2 speed clutch plus the clutch cover. I consider myself lucky to find 2, one that runs to play around on and one to bring back to life. I like the original paint and was thinking of clear coating it. keeping the raw look but then again not sure if that does it justice. I will post in project logs soon. I will work on photos as i move along.
everything on them is good. the second tank has minor rust. The rims have rust but I think they usually do. The tires have good tread. The brakes are not great but i know I can get new pads and cables from black widow motorsports. Once I start project logon "parts" bike" I will be asking many questions. I am going to replace throttle cable and brakes on runner but thats it. try to keep it as original as possible. the runner engine runs perfect with original carb on it. I may be looking for a local guy that could rebuild "parts" engine properly. Jamie gave me lead but i would have to ship.
Anyone know any body in newengland that could be trusted to do it correctly? Help is appreciated.
Could you post a photo from each engine with the number plate. I am curious about the engine ID between the two.

And if you have any extra parts left over, let me know. I am always looking for more.

The guy I bought them from had a friend from minnesota. He needed to liquidate some of his collectibles
because of financial difficulty. the guy from new hampshire was helping out. He drove these back from a visit and put them up for sale here. The owner has had these since they were new as far as he knows. They had been used but not abused and kept clean and dry for 46 years. The plate has 1968 reg with a 1969 registration sticker. No title, but it was registered when new. I amy make further inquiries into the title, but his friend is on hard times and I did not want to be rude. I guess he had corvettes, and many other collectible items from the late 60's. He wanted them to go to a good home and be taken care of. The seller from new hampshire was a great guy and loved them as much as we do. The pic is of the parts engine no spark decent compression.
None of the parts are for sale but if I ever do need to sell I would post it here first. I will spend some money on this restoration. I hope to do a good job on it. Just curios what do you own for rupps?
Right from my backyard! I always appreciate the background of the bikes.

I have 3 '68 TT500's, 3 '69 Roadsters, and 1 '69 Goat. I've stopped for now and turned my attention towards McCulloch Go Karts for the time being. Much harder to come across parts for those tho.
I just re-read your post. So this transfer of the bikes just happened recently? I wonder why he didn't try to sell them locally instead?