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  1. Jag57

    ebay alert nice rolling frame for $50 bucks with seat / California

    Mini Bike Chopper Frame No Motor w Tires Big Seat and Shocks | eBay
  2. t-royMN

    Actic Cat Climber

    I have a 71 or 72 Climber. It is the frame; front forks and handlebars; front tire; swing arm and shocks. Previous owner welded nuts on the swing arm to hold a rear whell axle. They can easily be removed. That owner also welded the jack shaft straps. They too can be removed. The jack shaft...
  3. JER62

    Super Bronc Roller

    I am looking for a rolling chassis for either a super bronk or other large sized mini bike. Something near by upstate NY or shippable. Thanks for any help.
  4. debriscreator

    Wtb super bronc frame

    Looking for a frame that fits my 10hp tecumseh engine. a rolling frame with brakes and throttle would be awesome. i'm in california. - thanks