1. FunWithStuff

    Seat Dimensions Thread

    Hey everyone! I wanted to make this thread with the intention of posting measurements/dimensions of seats used on some old mini bikes. I thought this would be a great reference thread for anyone that is looking to make or recreate a seat since many didn't survive on mini bikes over the years...
  2. FunWithStuff

    Cat Slingshot Seat

    Hey everyone! I'm currently restoring a Cat Slingshot and I need to know dimensions to help remake a seat. The dimensions I need are: Length before incline Length after incline Angle of incline Width (front and back there are two different ones) Height (front and back) That should be all I need...
  3. FunWithStuff

    Is This a Vintage Cat Mini Bike Seat?

    Hello! I'm thinking about purchasing a mini bike seat I recently came across that looks like the same ones used on Cat 400X, R4001, and Duster MX models. Is there anyone out there that can confirm whether this is a genuine Cat seat or not? I've included a photo of an R4001 and a Duster MX to...
  4. jackb.

    Looking For a Custom Seat

    Hello. I am 15 years old from Virginia looking for a custom seat for my minibike. It is a Montgomery Ward from the "70s and it is being powder coated red. The wheels are white so I am going for kind of an American theme. I know of kbs8ball but it seems like he hasn't been active recently. I want...
  5. 20200518_173916.jpg


    Positioning seat
  6. 20200518_173158.jpg


    battery bracket under seat.
  7. 20200517_164646.jpg


  8. 20200517_163622.jpg


  9. S

    Need seat for Arco minibike 6" center mount

    looking for a seat for my arco minibike, needs a 6" center mount. can vary a little on the length. thank you
  10. CaptNugget

    New table/seat Repurposed tire project DONE!

    Just thought I’d post this because I thought it was cool. Had this old take-off front tire from my Alsport TS-110 trike. thought it looked cool and couldn’t throw it away. For last like 6 years it’s sat in my garage, moved all over a billion times, and always wanted to make a table/seat or...
  11. 20190418_201939.jpg


    View of bottom of seat tacked on frame.
  12. 20190418_201400.jpg


    fitting seat on frame
  13. 20190418_201152.jpg


    Modifying seat and adding seat bracket
  14. 20190405_180240.jpg


    Fitting the new seat (aftermarket short buddyseat for Puch moped) to the upper frame tube.
  15. CaptNugget

    Looking for Dune Cycle SEAT (bucket & pad)

    Hi, there is a DuneCycle frame for sale near me but it ma just that, just a frame. Wondering if anyone has a seat for one for sale?! I don’t have a DuneCycle yet but not sure if I want the frame w/o the seat if they aren’t available (or possibly at some point available haha)
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