1. Kartman01

    Horstman Secondary Disassembly

    I am trying to disassemble a Horstman secondary and I am hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. Attached are photos of a Horstman secondary on a Terra Trail Topper mini bike. I have not been able to find an identical Horstman replacement and I want to keep the bike as original...
  2. Kartman01

    What Is This? Minibike Secondary Clutch

    Does anyone know who manufactured the secondary clutch in the photos? There are no manufacturing logos or markings that I can find. The clutch is on a 1970 Terra Trail Topper minibike. What research I have been able to do indicates Terra’s used Comet clutches, however neither the primary or...
  3. J

    68/69 secondary clutch shoes

    Hello, Looking for 68/69 Rupp 2 speed secondary clutch shoes. Not NOS. Only used/removed and ones you don't need. Please let me know what you have/price with a picture. Thanks, Joe51
  4. J

    rupp tt500 secondary clutch drum 13002

    I am looking for Rupp tt500 secondary clutch drum part number 13002 for the jackshaft clutch.
  5. ZR9B

    Rupp secondary bushing help

    seems while my project( 72 rupp hustler) has been apart so long I have lost the bushing on the driven clutch...any chance anyone can measure the length... I should be able to get id and od from the shaft...or can anyone see why it may not be a good idea to make one?? something I'm missing? any...
  6. tundrabeagle3

    which belt for my tav

    I got a comet tav that came with a 5 hp briggs I bought from cl. It came from a gokart and has no belt. I was looking for new belt on ombw but don't know which one to get. Here are some pics. The secondary has a 20 on it.
  7. T

    Comet secondary clutch 5/8

    looking for a 5/8 Comet secondary clutch for my Dune Cat. Mine broke today. I'm in MA so let me know plus the shipping. Thanks
  8. cheezy1

    Comet 2 speed jackshaft secondary NOS

    Like it says..NOS Comet 2 speed secondary complete unit. This one was a extra spare I kept around..but not needed anymore. I can't find the lock it is what it is in the pics. 100 obo plus actual shipping. Located in Center Line Mi. Any questions or comments please feel free to PM...
  9. J

    Lil Indian 2 speed secondary clutch

    FS: Original Fairbanks Morse secondary clutch. Slightly used drum/sprocket assembly with NOS clutch shoes installed. 120.00 shipped. Postal Money order only please. Regards, Joe 51
  10. J

    NOS Lil Indian MiniMatic secondary Clutches

    FS: (2) NOS MiniMatic secondary clutches. 5/8" bore, 13 tooth sprocket, #35 chain. These are the real deal. As you will see in the pics, Plating is not pristine after all these years. Last one I offered sold for 175.00 shipped. Same applies here. (1) clutch for 175.00 shipped. Postal Money order...