1. O

    Wanted - Briggs & Stratton 6B-S Shroud / Blower Cover

    Looking for a Briggs & Stratton shroud like the one pictured below. The shroud was usually found on models 6B-S, 6B-SF and 6B-SFB motors. The shroud is very distinctive and can be distinguished from others by: Five horizontal bars at the top. B - embossed at 9 o’clock. S Recoil...
  2. CLH

    (rusty) Tecumseh H50 blower housing / recoil shroud - FREE

    I bought this shroud off eBay and the bottom ended up having rust holes in the bottom when I started sanding it. Didnt want to use it on my resto because of it. Other than the few small holes its solid. Extra ventilation. It came from Michigan. :hammer: It is free to anyone willing to pay...
  3. AboveUpNorth

    Backwards stamp on 3hp engine shroud

    What in the he'll is this doing stamped backwards? Have any of you seen this before? it came on the Sensation Mike Bike that I purchased this morning.
  4. james ackerman

    Tecumseh 3 or 3.5 hp. Not sure of year missing shroud

    text me for more photos 4193719545 or email I think it was off a rupp originally had a slant intake. Also have the head that's not pictured 65 plus shipping.
  5. B

    Tecumseh H blower housing shroud

    Looking for 2 Tecumseh H big block blower housings without the fuel line holes. Thanks
  6. B

    Need to fill holes in shroud

    I need to fill a couple 1/4" that were drilled in my engine shroud. What would be the best stuff to use? Bondo? Thanks
  7. Scumbag


    Tecumseh H50 BLOWER SHROUD with RECOIL STARTER, plus, original Hardware & foam cover. -original paint- $25 (plus shipping) Pull-start recoils nicely
  8. mini one

    Tecumseh H50 Shroud

    Should clean up or paint pretty well. 35.00 Shipped Paypal/cash/trades Thanks, Mini One
  9. Cushamn Trailster

    Cushamn Trailster

    Cushman Trialster pics
  10. CarPlayLB

    Briggs 5HP aluminum pull starter and round shroud

    This is the old school aluminum cast pull start with the round blower housing. It has a couple dents, but otherwise in good shape. Like all old Briggs pull starters, this could use a good cleaning! $40.00 shipped lower 48 willing to trade for smoked salmon only!
  11. V

    wtb 1968 tecumseh shroud

    looking for a 1968 tecumseh h35 shroud with or without recoil.
  12. C

    GTC Torque Converter Shroud

    Shroud for Series 30 (large back plate) units. Drilled, in excellent condition. $20 shipped
  13. points vs solid state shrouds

    points vs solid state shrouds

    HS40 points engine from 1978
  14. points vs solid state shrouds

    points vs solid state shrouds

    HS40 solid state engine from 1989
  15. points vs solid state shrouds

    points vs solid state shrouds

    H35 solid state engine from 1986
  16. points vs solid state shrouds

    points vs solid state shrouds

    H30 points engine from 1979
  17. Roadster 2 HS40 Shroud

    Roadster 2 HS40 Shroud

    Rupp Roadster 2 restoration. Started with an HS40 in rough shape. The paint came out pretty good. There is a small crack in the top that I should have fixed, but...
  18. j57little

    HS40 Shroud

    Looking for a Tecumseh HS40 shroud, round style with studs for recoil attachment. It needs to be in excellent condition or restorable to like new condition. I can't check every day, so a PM is always appreciated. Any leads are most welcome! Thank you, Jack
  19. P

    Hs50 show chromed shroud and iar cleaner

    like title says, show chromed shroud recoil and air cleaner, decided to paint motor white and chrome just doesn't look good ( I don't think anyway) having trouble posting pics, but can email 300 shipped for both, that's exactly what I have in them with shipping etc[/I][/B]