1. Fat Tony157

    Fat Tony157's - Wards/Gilson - (Vintage Open)

    I just wanted to start off by thanking you guys for all the help and info you have provided over the years. I don't post that often but I have found myself searching through threads looking for info more times than I can count. Anyways, on to the build off project. I have been putting this...
  2. Txpete

    Montgomery Wards/Gilson headlight taillight

    Looking for headlight and taillight for Gilson montgomery wards mini. Thanks. pete
  3. R

    Wards/Gilson 6" Wheel needed

    I am looking for a Montgomery Wards 6" front wheel like the one pictured any help is appreciated Thanks!
  4. K

    Wards/gilson throttle- footpeg covers

    Hi Im looking for either a original throttle assembly or just the grip . And a set of footpeg covers . I just found a nice survivor. Cash or trades. Thanks
  5. jrzmac

    Mont. Wards/Gilson Clutch Cover

    anybody in the North East looking for a chrome chain guard for a Montgomery Wards or Gilson Mini Bike? this guy is selling a bunch of parts for $75.00, but I dont think he knows what he has. the pic on the right show the chain guard. he has a few engines also. If it was closer to me I would've...
  6. Randy

    Wards/Gilson Wheel 1/2 6" Please......

    Wards/Gilson Wheel 1/2 6" That looks like this. Just need 1/2 of one.