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I just wanted to start off by thanking you guys for all the help and info you have provided over the years. I don't post that often but I have found myself searching through threads looking for info more times than I can count.

Anyways, on to the build off project. I have been putting this project off for almost 7 years now. I even tried selling it on here back in 2010 lol. I'm hoping this build off will motivate me to finally get it done! The frame as far as I know is either a montgomery ward or gilson. Maybe someone could help identify it?

The plan is to make this a very fast, safe, and reliable bike using a lot of spare parts I have leftover from other projects over the years, as well as a lot of new parts. The plan so far is to convert to a triple tree full suspension front end, longer rear swing arm, briggs intek with some animal parts thrown in, and disc brakes front and rear. Past that I will be making it up as I go. Thanks again!

OldMiniBikes build off.JPG


Nice looking pile o parts you have there. I can't wait to see the progress. Thank you for participating!

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Good luck and Thanks for participating. And with a name like Fat Tony..if you don't win it is all mrpat's fault. I don't wanna get tossed in the river..lol.


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I am liking the build idea...and you can join the Gilson Brotherhood! ...but I like your name a lot more than the bike...Fat Tony just screams "let's have a beer"!
First update! I had some time this morning to get started on this project. First thing I worked on was converting the front end to a "triple tree."

The neck had these bushings installed for the old fork setup. A brass bunch made quick work of knocking them out.

Once those were out, I punched out the races from the frame that donated the front suspension setup. If anyone is curious, it's what is left of an X19 super pocket bike.



They almost look original.


Once the races were installed, the triple tree went right in and turns nice and smooth.



Then I started playing around with the rear swing arm. Not 100% how I am going to mount it yet. I just have a long bolt through the original swing arm mount for mock up. I'm hoping to use the mono-shock for the rear swing arm, but I might end up with the stock shocks so I don't have to butcher up this frame too much. Also not sure if I am going to run a jackshaft or order up a torque converter instead.

You can start to see the big picture. Should have a pretty cool stance once I'm done with it.


That's all for now. I might have some more time tonight to work on it.
^^Doc, come again? I have the photo up on my monitor and it's as straight as can be. What are looking at exactly?
Look at image *113243. See the flanges at the top and bottom--what I called hourglass shape--none of my bikes have that as the bushing drives into the main neck tube.

Doc, is there somewhere I could check the frame for a serial number or date code?
If it is an Allis frame, then I think there is a serial # on the swing arm on recoil starter side of frame. The first two digits give the year of manufacture. Gilson otherwise had an aluminum tab with serial number that was on the lower tree and flimsy tabs held it in place (usually it's missing).