1. W

    Wanted - CESTAD Workhorse

    What I'm really interested in is the rear cargo rack as I already have a workhorse that's missing the cargo rack. But I would consider a complete unit to restore as long as it has the rack. If you have one drop me a text six three zero 6603193. I'm located in Illinois. Thanks - Chris
  2. Mravengr

    [B]CESTAD Workhorse [/B]

    I've got a CESTAD Workhorse trike with a Tecumseh HM80 155042A 8hp engine, serial #4297D. It's currently in a pull-start configuration, but I'm wanting to see about putting a battery-operated starter on it instead of the pull-start. Has anyone had any experience in doing this? Any...
  3. S

    Best transmission types for workhorse use ?

    I am in the process of building up a project Baja MB165 and am comparing torque converters vs clutch and jackshafts etc.. It seems to me that certainly the variable transmission aspect of the T Converters is very nice to have just as it would be nicer in a car to have multiple speeds...
  4. KustomKartKid

    The TRAG : History of the 2-3 Wheel Workhorse

    After stumbling upon the photo of the bike below I added it to my Freaks/Oddballs/ Kustoms thread…but after reading up on the “TRAG” I found the story behind it to be quite interesting and decided to create a thread for it in hopes that others on here might find it interesting too. Maybe some...