1. T

    WTB Clinton A400/A490 crankshaft

    I'm looking for a good A400/A490 crankshaft for a motor I'm building for my 59 Bug. Anybody got one that they would be willing to part with? Willie
  2. B

    Wtb cat pats

    Looking for a kickstand ,clutch cover. Thanks
  3. hotrodricky

    WTB 5" 2 piece steel wheel

    Looking for a 2 piece 5 in. steel wheel that resembles the Lil Indian steel wheel.
  4. G

    WTB Super Bronc Gas Tank

    Hoping to find one to complete my build. Anyone...?
  5. V

    Wtb motovox mbx 10 11 black seat

    Need an all black morovox seat .no rips.
  6. D

    WTB: Baja 200 metal fenders

    Hello, I need a set of metal fenders for the Baja 200. I am doing a custom build and plastic fenders will just not work for what I need to do. You can have my black plastic fenders if you want them. thanks --- Kent
  7. K

    wtb cat 400 rims

    got a cat 400 but no rims. i got cash if u in the pnw


    wanted , sachs 80b engine plate. new style clutch, also, I have seen an engine plate behind the PTO drive??, any help would be great. thanks. PM me Pete [ATTACH=CONFIG]939 have no idea why pics come out sideway??

    WTB Super Bronc parts

    I am looking for a couple of things. 1 - I would like to have a headlight kill switch combo switch that mounts on the left handle bar. 2 - I would like to have a set of fork boots. Please PM me if you have either of these. Thanks, Doug
  10. OPEtech

    WTB Heald SST-16 throttle cable

    Would anybody know where would be a good place to purchase a throttle cable at least 106" long, for my daughter's Heald Super tryke? Ron Kimball from Power Tec does not carry them anymore. Even a good quality kit to custom-make one would help. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  11. D


    Looking for a bonanza swingarm frame. Front peg or mid peg okay
  12. topnotch

    WTB Rupp Grips

    I WTB RUPP GRIPS= (2) 1" throttle side and (2) 7/8"Dummy Grips. USED OR NOS. NO RE-POPPS PLEASE!!!
  13. topnotch

    WTB Tecumseh air filter housing

    I WTB (2) white original paint Tecumseh air filter housing the ones that show the holes on top. Not the ones with bell shape caps welded on them. (NO repaints please!!!) Thanks
  14. AFX Cyclone

    WTB: 65-66 Rupp Continantal Custom

    Looking for a nice original or just a project. Like to find one near Pa.,NJ. or Md..
  15. RenoMiniBike

    WTB JCPenney/Bird Mini Bike

    I am looking for a JCPenney/Bird Mini-Bike similar to the one in the picture below. I will entertain complete bikes, or frames with forks or frames alone. Prefer side kick stand like in the picture, but not mandatory. PM's are preferred. Thanks for looking. RenoMiniBike :scooter:
  16. B

    Wtb trail horse swingarm

    Looking for a swingarm for a suspension Trail Horse. Thanks bryce.
  17. FOMOGO

    WTB Warrior MB 165 metal fenders

    Guys I am looking for 2 sets of early Warrior metal fenders for the MB 165 series bikes. We are building 2 at the same time and 1 of them is entered in the build off. I will take sets, fronts, backs, damaged or undamaged. What have you got. Thanks for looking. Doug
  18. N

    WTB Big tire mini bike

    not to pickyr on the brand or even if its a full bike. could be just a frame or a roller. just need to start somewhere looking to buy or build something like this (pic below) for sandy trails and snow (michigan problems :rolleyes:). let me know what you have! thanks.
  19. 125ccCrazy

    WTB: Briggs Raptor III piston

    Looking for a new std bore R3 piston... buy or trade for.
  20. topnotch

    Wtb tires

    I'm looking for a good set of Carlisle 4.00- 8 tires I will pay good money for them Thanks.