100 Foot Drags in the Spring?

Well I haven’t run my drag byke in a couple years. I want to change that this year.
Is anyone else interested in racing?
Is the Leadfoot deal gone forever? Or is there any chance we can help to get that going again?
Any interest in trying to race at Gomas?

Tired of the byke sitting here doing nothing.
Hey ugmold!

I know those guys were busting my balls a little about the road. And I get it.
But I have a fast byke and there’s no sense bringing it there if the road is too rough and the wheelie bar unloads the rear tire. Not even sure I could make a full pass there.
For stock-ish bykes it might be OK though.
The idea of pitching in to repave a section of the road has been brought up, I would definitely pitch in on that.
So maybe if we can get enough people to pitch in on that, it could become a reality?
Andrew seems totally willing to try and make something work