1959 3hp briggs

I have a 1959 3 HP Briggs with flow-jet carb and oilbath air cleaner. Includes extra flow-jet carb and standard air cleaner runs good. $300.00 shipped.Will consider all offers.


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good luck on your sale :thumbsup:...they are a dime a dozen unfortunately....but you never know someone may really need one that bad...:shrug:
Just the briggs fellas not the whole bike, it's an old one and a good one for someone looking for a 1959 briggs. There's one on ebay brand new but the bidding just began, I expect it to go for a bunch. I dont know about the rarity of a complete running one but I imagine there are many, I have some early 60s ones that run well and are original but pulsa jet carbbed. May have some value.:shrug:

Good luck on your sale!:thumbsup:
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No hard feelings, we are all entitled to our own opinions. It's just a starting point. I think it says "Will consider all offers" For all I care it can sit around another 52years.
that engine will probably still be running in another 52 years :thumbsup:
:laugh: Yeah... Might be smoky and rattly if has been ran FOR 52 years.. But it'll probably still run.. Thats why theres so many around.. :laugh:

I paid 6 bucks for this one.. Runs great, but rattles and smokes.. It's been ran for the first 44 of 48 years of it's life.. :laugh: Dug it out of the scrapyard.. Looked everything over.. CARB was clean for christ sakes.. :doah: How does that happen to a Flow Jet from 64? :lol:

Had to clean the points, ad some oil, clean up the sprag, straitened out the bend in the shroud from being pitched onto the ground...

Added gas and it fired rite up.. You can't kill these things.. :lol:

i just scored a nice hardly used 8hp briggs and got that 5hp dual bearing motor running like a top after getting a new carb for it. These are great engines!