1967 Powell challenger B model redo

Yep boys I'am back at it hacking up another rare vintage minibike . This time there's a good reason I'am building another flat track minibike , this ones for my brother Doug . Really all I'am doing is replacing the down tubes , because there bent and have road rash . Also this older model Powell is 3 inches shorter than my E model . So what this means is the 5 hp Briggs barely fits , I think the B model came with a 3 hp Briggs .
So I'am gonna add 4 inchs to the center section when I replace the down tubes , which I'll be using original Powell down tubes cut off the super Powell.
Here are some pics of the build so far .
Actually the forks are shorter and the whole bike is height wise . The forks have already been lengthened with a spacer . The wheelbase is 3 inches shorter than a D-E model .
I like it too David. At least if you are going to cut something up, you do it top rate....:thumbsup:

I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out....I know the other one just keeps morphing into an ever meaner flat track bike every time you refresh it.
Well I've got the frame work done . I wasn't able to use the other rails I had because they were a different angle and to short , so I went with new tubes and a round tube front cross member.
This bike is as close to original as I can do . What I've experienced with Powells are they are great track bikes out of the box and don't need mods . This bike will have an original drive system on it , why cause it works . I also got parts for the raptor new cam and valve springs and a carb .
Stellar work as always. Is this the raptor Doug put a front window in? If so how'd you fix?
No this is another NOS raptor he bought , no window yet . Lol
When we windowed the other one we went in and put a billet rod and flywheel in this one . The other one was rebuilt with a new dual bearing block .
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