1969 Rupp Roadster Engine

I figured I'd list this up here before I post it on Ebay. It was pulled from a 1969 Rupp Roadster. All the linkage is there, original carb. NOS filter.

Fresh paint (Duplicolor with 2k Urethane clear sprayed over it). It's not perfect, but it looks great. Timing and electronics was set. It was allegedly rebuilt before I got it so I never opened it up. Decals are from MiniBikePaul.

Will be shipped in a crate, wrapped in Cardboard. I will use UPS, FedEx or USPS, whichever you prefer. Buyer will pay actual shipping costs.

$800 OBO plus actual shipping, Paypal preferred

Didn't you just sell that engine? What happened, Is the ebayer Reptileking87 a bad bidder that I should add to my blocked bidder list? Well at least it does look better clearcoated :laugh:

Genuine 1969 Rupp Roadster Lighted Tecumseh H50 65151H Engine Motor Bonanza | eBay
There's a lot to that story. That Ebay user is TheJoker. He wanted the engine for a bike he's gathering parts for and figured it was a good price. The next day, I picked up two bikes that he wanted. He couldn't afford to pay for the engine and both bikes, so I offered to cancel the listing on the engine. He said that was fine.

So I repainted it and here we are.