Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. minikenny

    Sensation Go-Devil

    I'm going to try and see or buy a Sensation Go-Devil if it is all original (?) I want to be sure what to look for since I haven't seen one in person. 1) I'm guessing the engine should be lighted HS40...? Seller claims 5hp I hope he's wrong. 2) Any special pattern or writing on the seat...
  2. Dan-E-boy

    Fuji Go-Devil petcock / fuel valve

    looking for a petcock for a fuji motors go-devil.. i was trying to pull off the old stiff fuel line and pulled a little to hard:doah: the small section that the fuel line goes over came of with it.. so im hoping to find another original part... something that fits would be great for now too...
  3. Sensation Go-Devil Minibike Ad

    Sensation Go-Devil Minibike Ad

    Sensation Go-Devil Minibike Ad (image optimized by M-B)
  4. O

    Complete or close Go-Devil

    As above, I'm looking for a complete go-devil. I had a folding one 68 ish I'm guessing when I was a kid. Thought I'd find another... Just cause they are cool! If you have one u want to sell let me know thx! Cool site by the way!
  5. oldsledz

    Fuji Go-Devil

    I Picked up this go-devil a few days ago, I found it last summer they had pulled it out of a shed to get things out for a yard sale but didn't want to sell the scooter then. They took my phone number and called last week and we made a deal on it. Cuyuna has a couple with 1971 MFG dates...
  6. John in MN.


    Just picked up a Go-Devil. I will post pictures soon. I was wondering if a guy can still get the sticker on the fork. Or can someone post a picture of one so I may be able to make one. The seat is black sides and a white top, is that original to the bike. The sticker on the gas tank is there...
  7. Outlaw Ace

    Fuji Go-Devil for sale

    Barn fresh Go-Devil as found. Engine has compression and the clutches free but the rear wheel won't turn. The brake may be locked up and I'll check but it wont change the price regardless the issue. What you see is what you get, a complete scooter I was told ran when parked 20yrs ago. The tank...
  8. Dan-E-boy

    40$ go-devil roller in granada hills ca.

    40$ go-devil roller in granada hills CA.. looks like a deal to me..but I don't know much about them and I have to many projects lol... 1960s GO-DEVIL
  9. R

    1971 Fuji Go-Devil Spark Plug

    I have had a Go Devil sitting around for many years. It is missing the original plug. Appears that someone tried to substitute a plug that may or may not be correct type or heat range. Does anyone know the proper plug for a 71 Go-Devil with a 50cc 2-Stroke motor running 20:1 gas:oil mix...
  10. C

    Go-Devil foam air filter at OldMiniBikes warehouse

    This fits perfect and will set you back 0.80. It is 2 1/4 round dia. and 3/8 thick. SKU R6986 Stihl 4114-124-0800
  11. C

    Go-Devil (folding) chain size ?

    I have been to the net. charts......maybe someone 's replaced one and knows size. Inner plate size 1/8"-----pitch 1/2. Nothing seems to match up....Thanks Guys... :shrug:
  12. S

    Fuji Go-Devil Wheels

    5" Go-Devil wheels. I had these ball burnished and clear chromated for future resistance to oxidizing. Located in Oregon. $100 shipped in the lower 48. Prefer Paypal, will also accept Money Orders.
  13. L

    1971 Fuji Go-Devil

    1971 Fuji Go-Devil fold-up Scooter. Purchased new in 1971 to travel in our airplane, this Go-Devil scooter is complete with case. It's been stored for 25 years with old fuel in the tank, and the cables are dry. It appears one fuel tank mounting bolt/nut is missing, the rubber spark plug boot is...
  14. Mac

    Oh NO......Another Go-Devil

    Just a rolling frame, but when I found it at a local Swapmeet today I had to see if I could get it cheaper than the fifty he was asking. The guy stood motionless after I asked him if he'd take forty for it, but after about a minute said "Sure". ....Also brought these parts home...
  15. Mac

    Go-Devil Fuji Engine

    Old Fuji Go-Devil engine. Crank won't turn. Good for parts or rebuild. Has belt clutch attached. No recoil, No air cleaner. $60.00 Delivered. >>>>>>>Sale Pending. @@@@@ SOLD @@@@
  16. G

    NEED GO-Devil mini bike gas cap & pull starter

    I have a new Go-devil original in the factory storage bag. In the 70's someone at the distributer took the gas cap & pull starter assembly off it. If you have a Go-Devil that you are parting out I would like to get these parts. :scooter:
  17. drheilman

    GO-DEVIL in Reno

    GO DEVIL mini bike
  18. Mac

    Go-Devil stuff

    Here's what I gots: . $80.00 Delivered

    1968 Sensation Go-Devil Model 104

    $1250 I got this bike in 2001 from 2nd owner in great condition and did a makeover/restore in 2007. Original sticker with serial number on the fuel tank from Sensation Suitable for men, women, and children ages 7-99 with proper training. Comet torque-a-verter TC-88 drive system, 3.5...
  20. markus

    Sensation Go-devil external spring forks

    This fork assembly is off a sensation "go devil" Very simaliar to a Rupp external spring front end but is not exact. They function and are straight, but 2 of the tabs on the spring cups are missing (what holds the spring in when you thread them on). $25 shipped (paypal only) I am in...