1972 Harley Davidson Mini bike Survivor

Not much of a survivor. Looks like it needs a complete restoration. My idea of a survivor would be a completely original (with the exception of tires, air filter, carb, spark plug, muffler, chain and cables, basic maintenance stuff), unrestored, unmodified, still in good enough shape to just leave alone (minimal tears in the seat, minimal scratches in the paint, minimal rust, minimal dents/dings) and rideable with little or no work needed to get running.
Don't let a lack of a title stop you on these bikes. As long as it is not stolen, a bill of sale is good enough to get a plate and registration in Vermont and then convert it to a title . . . at least here in Louisiana.

If this was closer, I'd jump on it but I'm in the hunt for an Aermacchi 350 Sprint right now . . .



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In CA it's not easy. No title and you take it to CHP to have all serial numbers gone through if any don't match or have anything out of the norm it's not getting titled. That's why a clear title is a big thing here. Most out of state bikes are no problem but CHP has huge database on Stolen Harleys and parts it really is a nightmare.