1. E

    harley davidson golf cart carburetor on jacobsen 321

    i know very little about how carburetors work. does anyone have any opinion on whether or not this carb i found would work, or have a reason why it wouldn't. are carburators relatively interchangeable. i want to buy it in the hope that it might work good on my jacobsen 321, but also don't want...
  2. Mr.fuss

    Harley davidson /Aermacci

    Are there any m50s people on here ? I'm trading for one thats missing a few parts , could use a few sources . Thanks in advance .
  3. Strigoi

    Harley Davidson Road Worn Leather Jacket 3X XXXL

    Harley Road Worn leather jacket, size 3X. Bought brand new and worn maybe 10 times. In perfect condition and comes with armor in the shoulders and elbows. Retail new with the armor was around $630 + tax. Looking to get $400 shipped for it. Located in Martinez, CA I'm not on here too often...
  4. B

    Harley Davidson tribute mini bike build:)

    I built this Harley Davidson tribute bike for my nephew for his birthday witch is July 10th. Since we're a big Harley family my nephew Clyde is always mad the he doesn't have one like his father and uncle so I decided to build him his own. I hope he likes it:)
  5. J

    AMF Harley Davidson 74 x-90 and 73 x-125

    the 90 looks to be almost 100% complete and only has 231 miles on it. the 125 is mostly complete but looks like it is missing the turn signals and battery and has 2051 miles on it. Both were found in a barn. gas tanks are clean and empty. both have compression. brakes and clutch are not stuck...
  6. hrod50

    For Sale Harley Davidson Tribute.

    $ View image in gallery View image in gallery 750.00 or best offer for "ONE OF THE KIND". Baja Heat made into a Harley Davidson Tribute. It has mirrors, front windshield, new battery, horn, running light, fog light, turn signals, stop light, four way flasher all in working order...
  7. hrod50

    pictures of the Harley davidson tribute.

    Hi, I found the way to put pictures, sorry it took so long. Please give me your opinion on this project. All the lights work plus I put a four way flasher. Thank you.:smile:
  8. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

  9. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

  10. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

  11. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

  12. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

  13. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

    Checking out the fit on the seat and the gas tank.
  14. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

    The fake gas tank painted with logo
  15. Harley Davidson Tribute

    Harley Davidson Tribute

    The chassis strip and painted
  16. Harley Davidson Tribute beginning

    Harley Davidson Tribute beginning

    This is the beginning.
  17. R

    1972 Harley Davidson Mini bike Survivor

    Just found this 13 Hours to end of Auction Harley Davidson Other | eBay
  18. Ding Ding

    "HD" mini bike frames

    Heavy Duty? Harley Davidson? Hot Dog? HD mini bike frames
  19. Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson

    Vintage Single cylinder Harley Davidson
  20. Harley Davidson 11F single

    Harley Davidson 11F single