2020 Windber raffle bike. VT2 build

Using a steel tank?
Plastic tank. If you epoxy seal the inside of plastic or fiberglass tanks you can paint them and the gas will not bleed through and bubble paint. The tricky part is how you tape off fill neck for color then remove a tape line for the hardened clear coat to seal paint off
Found the problem as to why the pictures are not veiwable by everyone. The album is owner album veiw only. Is there anyone on here that can make it public view. Tjanks
Remember to donate guys. A little every month. I am going to try to send $25 a month until WINDBER to help out. Then buy tickets at the event to win. r.chatten@hotmail.com is the PAYPAL address... come on guys. Rick does a lot. The least you can do is a few bucks. It all adds up. I know you all have PayPal. $5,$10.$20 Whatever you can spare.