2021 build off 1968 Taco 44

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I saved this for the build off but it looks like we are not having one. so Im just going build it as if we are
1968 Taco 44,handle bars are bent ,the swing arm has been reinforced,a 40 chain,folding foot pegs,I have a new seat and clutch guard and swing arms,If I get a mild day will use the steam pressure wash and blow off the black paint


mig welding up the holes ,I use a coat hanger as a filler rod on large holes and gaps,installed foot pegs not sure of the length ?,if someone could let me know the length that would be great also where does the kickstand spring go on the frame?
The pegs are 2-1/4”. Not much foot room. I put the spring in the slot for the engine bolts. Not sure if that’s “correct “ 1A6DF7C5-F8A1-4401-A208-4FC2CF955B84.jpeg
on the shock I used a socket and extension and tapped down ,pushed out most of it,spotted on a strip of metal,filler ,primer spot putty and more primer.The frame I cut the foot pegs to three inch.sanded the spot putty and more prime,going to pick up paint this week and try to paint next weekend,The kickstand had no place for spring brazed on a piece