2021 build off 1968 Taco 44

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

If you don't mind me asking about how much was it to have them chromed. Got some fenders that I would prefer chrome instead of powder coat.
I do all my polishing myself .Thats the expense in chrome and takes alot of time. to dip with nickel and chrome ,I pay min charge 100 cdn
Thanks, that sounds reasonable enough, comparable to powder coat prices.
its the pre work that expensive cleaning rust removing paint removing the chrome sanding polishing removing every scratch and pit I spent a lot of time prepping some ware around 30 hours.Chrome does not hide anything ,the plater I use is industrial does thousands of parts a day ,table legs, chairs. racks.His building is about 60 thousand sf and about 60 employees and nothing goes down the drain,its green enviroment.If you take it to a plater make sure its clean and expect to pay for the time they spend prepping
made up clutch cover mounts.Im not sure what the original look like made a couple of spacer and bent some flat bar .checked valve lash spot on ,head off crosshatch on cyl looks good,removed govenor found pieces in sump.plugged hole with 1/4 bolt I found that it will cut its own thead when installing.painted this morning will give it a week to harden and then put the tins on