2024 Lil Indian build

Engine was stuck along with the spark plug ,Removed the engine and head ,the cyl looked real good and clean I let it soak with wd40 for three days and rotates fine and the plugs out.Drained the oil and it looked good.Stripping the paint off lots of layers and going to find some one to do the seat there enough of the old seat to use as template 20231202_154445 (1).jpg 20240114_083815.jpg 20240114_085536.jpg 20240113_084358.jpg 20240113_083959.jpg 20240114_083815.jpg 20240114_111328.jpg 20240113_084701.jpg


Love those Lil Indians. Will be watching. What model will it be? I can send you a repo clutch cover decal depending on the model.