'67 Continental Front Springs / Shocks

Needing help with the front springs / shocks on my '67 Continental. Mine are currently stuck in the fork. One strut came out with the lower plug and about 2 3/4" of spring. So I suspect it is broken up inside, with part of the spring and upper plug attached. The other side has the entire lower plug, spring, and upper plug stuck in the fork. I am using a lot of PB Blaster to try to get this all out without much luck thus far.

Can anyone tell me the overall length of the front springs?

How do the springs attach to the upper and lower plugs?

Once you are ready to re-assemble them is there a lubrication process to use?

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mike
Wichita, KS.
GOT IT!!! I Loaded the fork tubes from the top with 1/2" ball bearings and struck those with a socket extension and hammer. It all came out in one piece. I'm going to have a beer!!!
Thanks. Yeah I soaked 'em down pretty well with PBB and WD-40. The ball bearings worked great getting through the bends in the tubing while giving a solid surface to distribute the force.
used ball bearings on my rupp c350 but i also heated the tube while hitting the ball bearings down. my fork ends and springs were bent so i had to get replacements nos on ebay . i can tell you not all rupps use the same length forks and springs. i think i bought contentintal and they were longer. the springs just twist onto the plugs there hard to get on.
Funny the forks on my T-bird were froze, springs compressed. Soaked for days with PB Blaster, hammered the heck out of them with a brass hammer. Finally gave up and heated the ding dong out of them at a friends shop, still wouldn't budge. Tossed them in the back of my truck and went home. Carried them into the shop and dropped them on the floor in disgust. Couple seconds later I hear a loud crack, followed by a BOOOOINNNNNG sound and the forks jumped on the floor. The rust had finally given up and let go! Forks were now extended to their full length.

I guess persistance pays.