1. Colemanman

    Springer Seat for a Coleman CT200U

    Today im finishing my springer seat build for my coleman ct200u. Im adding it to reduce the impact, jolt and harshness of potholes, sticks and small obstacles I used the pivot and springs from a 1980s era craftsman vtwin 18hp lawnmower. I cut a base plate for the seat out of sheet metal and...
  2. TheDullCarbide

    GY6 150 NCY Valve Springs

    Puttin' an A11 cam in my GY6. Do I actually need the NCY springs? I've never used them. Is there actually a difference from the stock springs other then the coating?
  3. G

    Max Torque Clutch Springs

    Can some one please explain the theory behind the different RPM ranges for the Max Torque Clutch springs? Mainly how the different RPM Ranges work on the springs.
  4. j57little

    Sears Roper Front Fork Springs

    If anyone has, or has a lead on some Sears Roper front fork springs I would appreciate - any condition. Please send me a PM. Thanks! Jack
  5. P

    T/C driver springs

    I'm using one of the knock off 30 series drivers, and would like like it to engage a little earlier. I have to feather the throttle just to take off easy and most of the time it when it engages, it's faster than I'm used to. I know that Comet offers several springs for different engagement...
  6. DeadPixel

    CL1 cam and GX140 valve springs?

    I have the high torque version of the CL1 cam and noticed the cam card recommends only 10.5 LB valve springs. Its the hardened version. That seams pretty light. I am rethinking my build and kinda thinking of trying the GX140 springs as NR says there 16# will these run to the 6K that I am going...
  7. L

    Ported 22cc clone head, 27mm Intake, 24mm exhaust, ss steel valves, 26lb springs +++

    22cc clone cylinder head, will fit on predator non-hemi Fully Ported and Bead blasted Milled 65 thousandths to increase compression Lightweight Stainless Valves 27mm intake 24mm exhaust valve Aluminum retainers and Split Keepers with stainless valves. 3 angle valve job Lash Caps 26lb...
  8. F

    Need help with MTD fork springs

    I just bought a MTD mini bike and the lower tubes on the front forks have a lot of slop in them. I took the two bolts out that go through the top of the springs and pulled everything out. Is there supposed to be a spacer or a sleeve between the inner and out tube to remove the slop?
  9. xBrent92

    I need a stiff TAV-30 Driven spring.

    Where on the interweb sells stiff springs that will fit ? Must be at least twice as stiff as the yellow spring. I'll even cut on it to shorten it if i need to. Let me know, I really like my low to mid range power.
  10. Davis

    Honda valve springs

    I ordered a stage one kit from OldMiniBikes for a Honda gx200 and the kit came with new Honda 18lb valve springs and I thought the stock springs were already 18lb springs or am I wrong?
  11. Davis

    Valve springs

    I'm building a predator up and am gonna order the last two parts today billet rod and valve springs I just don't know what springs to get.
  12. C

    Predator hemi 212 valve springs

    If I install White 26lb. valve springs do I need different lash caps or do I use the stock ones?
  13. G

    Heald Super Bronc Front Fork Springs

    I've looked and looked for these and outside of a couple of dead possible repro threads, I've found no leads. So. I'm having 5 sets made (two sets for myself). I will sell the remaining 3 sets for $100 shipped per set. If you're interested, shoot me a message.
  14. B

    Arco front shock springs???

    Looking to replace the fork springs on the Arco I'm doing and can't seem to find the right size. Does anyone have a lead to where I can frame me them? Thanks and happy thanksgiving
  15. M

    '67 Continental Front Springs / Shocks

    Needing help with the front springs / shocks on my '67 Continental. Mine are currently stuck in the fork. One strut came out with the lower plug and about 2 3/4" of spring. So I suspect it is broken up inside, with part of the spring and upper plug attached. The other side has the entire...
  16. Taco Loco Joe

    Bonanza BC1500SH Shock Springs

    Have any Bonanza BC1500SH enthusiasts out there replaced the inner and outer springs on the rear shocks. One of my shocks was frozen. After soaking in Evaporust and a little heat the shock came apart. Unfortunately the inner spring was rusted, busted and now I'm disgusted!:cursing: I'm sure...
  17. xBrent92

    For Sale or Trade: ORANGE TAV-30 driver springs. $9.50 still new.

    Engagement @ 1500 RPM (stock springs engage at 2200 rpm) Barely used one time when i was experimenting with a really high gear ratio as you can see they are still perfectly straight. At the Comet website it costs $7.90 plus $8 shipping amounting to $15.90 . My total asking price =...
  18. R

    Sears Roper Front springs

    Need a set of front springs for my Sears Roper they need to have an ID of 1-1/4" and OD 1 5/8" and at least 3 1/2" long Thanks
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