Alternative Kick-Back Starters??

I've browsed through quite a few of other peoples mini-bikes and I'm working on my own but I haven't finished it yet. I don't know if this is a stupid question or not, but are kick-back starting engines standard on mini-bikes or has anyone put on a key-ignition engine on theirs? Or devised a way to turn on the engine without getting off of the bike? I'm thinking pulling the kick-back starter with be annoying when I feel like getting on in style in front of friends. Any ideas???


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Key ignition means you need wither a motor already equipped with an electric start (which means you will only need a battery, holder and cables) or an after market electric start kit added to your motor

I thought this over for my kart so my son could start it by himself and talked myself out of it when I saw what a bother it would be

I have it on this.The engine has a stator to recharge the battery and provisions for the starter.then its just a starter relay off a keyed ignition switch.
Oh alright, no that sound's like a bit of a hassle and I'm already pretty tight with space on the mini but thanks a lot :thumbsup: