help needed

  1. 250ATC

    Chain clutch recommendation?

    I’ve got an old Baja Beetle retro fitted with a fully built predator ghost 212. It’s a 35 chain, 3/4 bore and I tried using a master of motion 12 tooth clutch. It exploded 5min in, the sprigs between the clutch pads are bent and over extended. I can find a clutch that’s over 7hp rating. Any...
  2. 661_Minis

    What is it? Taco 22?

    Someone local to me is selling this, is it a taco 22? Or Temecula bob? And also can the frame be saved? I don’t care about the bars or engine since there not original. I mainly want the frame
  3. 661_Minis

    Taco 22?

    Someone local to me is selling this, is it a taco 22? Or Temecula bob? And also can the frame be saved? I don’t care about the bars or engine since there not original. I mainly want the frame
  4. 661_Minis

    Briggs flathead engines

    Hello, just recently I had bought a few Briggs flathead engines that look to be built modified engines that are complete. They have been sitting far about a year from what I’ve been told, My question is how can I find out what fuel these engines were ran with? They all have tillotson like...
  5. 661_Minis

    Piston to valve clearance

    Hello, I’m currently building a 212 non hemi and have ran into some issues with my piston to Valve clearance.. I aligned the cam dots and put the side cover on, put in my pushrods and spun the engine over and my piston is hitting the valves, I personally think my pushrods are way too long (...
  6. T


    I have a Coleman mini bike CT200u and it won’t start... I checked the spark plug and it looked like there was oil in there so I need a new engine or is there a way to fix it.?
  7. V

    Columbia Ugly 361-200

    Looking for clutch sprocket assembly with cover. Mine was completely stripped off when I found it. Any help would be appreciated
  8. S

    My Minibike Build project help!

    Ok so first of all I am building my Azusa minibike frame engine everything I am using the predator 212 and put it on it i tried a torque converter but was to much power couldn't even pull the throttle it would wheelie right off the bat but I dont really know how to setup the throttle so i'm...
  9. L

    wiring a head light to a predator 212cc

    Hey guys, with the days getting shorter and night coming sooner, I hate not being able to ride my bike after dark, which comes at like, 5 o clock during the winter. What I want to do is wire a head light so I don't wrap myself around a tree in the dark. I heard that you can use the coil or...
  10. J

    I need help with my 212cc predator!!

    ok so I have a 212cc predator with a jet kit from OldMiniBikes warehouse and an air filter from studz.... and it is running terrible for some reason! the only thing I did was change those 2 things. When I go full throttle it feels like something is holding it back... like not enough air or something. Can...
  11. EastCoastMB

    Idles at high RPM

    I have a Baja mb200 that's been fairly well maintained with a gtc torque converter conversion. other than that it is completely stock. I was working on it a few days ago, just tinkering, and a screw had fallen down underneath what I think is the governor rod. in the process of retrieving it with...
  12. JayPadilla

    Mini bike tire?

    I found my mini bike was an old Stellar from the early 70s/late 60's! Older than my mom! Well I kinda expect the age considering I've had to replace everything on it. Well the back tire needs to be changed and the only dimensions on it are 12.5x6. I can't find anything with those specific...
  13. Kingkeef25

    need help and advice asap.

    ok so i have a doodle bug with a predator 212 with pipe and muffler, air filter, and 140 e tube and 36 jet. anyways it is hitting 40mph. but i want to change the back sprocket to a smaller one to give it more top end speed. because right now it has a 12 tooth clutch with a 70 tooth back...
  14. Kingkeef25

    I need to knowwww! Predator 212

    Ok guys so I currently have a predator 212 stock on my baja doodle bug and all I did to it was by pass the governor. It is currently maxing out at 37mph. But I know ordered a 11' header with pipe, a performance air filter, and a 140 e-tube with the .36 and .37 jets. And I, waiting for all of...
  15. Kingkeef25

    Confused about governor on 212 predator. NEED HELP

    Ok so I recently got the 212 and put it on my mini bike. Now when I got it where the throttle hook up is suppose to go which is on the governor throttle I put it but it was super stiff. So I eliminated the governor throttle and ran my throttle cable to the little swing arm thing under the gas...
  16. J

    New with Mini bike need help.

    Hey OldMiniBikes i have a few questions concerning a 2010 baja doodle bug i just bought its my first mini bike im 15. i have a few stupid questions to ask: do i mix the oil in with the gas? if so, whats the ratio? it i leave the fuel switch all the way on, the bike doesnt move it needs to be at the...
  17. M

    5HP Bogs out when throttle is punched

    I have a kart with a briggs on it and I just got it all tuned up, but when Im riding it and I punch it, it bogs out and I have to keep tapping the gas and put the choke back on and then I can feather the gas and it does fine. I just would like to know why it bogs when punched? I heard it could...
  18. Cmiracle

    Getting 2hp to run...

    This is a KS-19 STD 2hp Briggs and Stratton. This site has helped me alot already, but now I'm stumped. The points are good and clean with a good spark, the carb has been cleaned, and it turns over easily- but it wont start. I'm just now getting into real engine work, and any advice/help would...
  19. B

    Sizing Carburetor for New Air Filter..?

    How do you size the carburetor when buying a custom air filter for any engine? I've heard people talking about 20mm carbs and stuff like that, but I'm a bit of a newbie and i don't know how to do that..suggestions?? Is it in the manual of the engine??
  20. B

    Why Extend Carburetor?

    Hey Guys, I'm just wondering why I've seen some people who modify their engines by extending their carburetor out with a small metal pipe and hooking it up to custom fuel lines. If you look at that picture - you can see what I mean, and I'm just curious to know what its for. Comments??