Antique Heathkit in the FREE section


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I almost SH*T my self when I saw this , I got so excited about the deal of a life time I didn't finish reading the title. In Pittsburgh

I have a 40 year old Heathkit GR-2001 free to anyone interested in the hobby of electronics and kit building. Includes all construction manuals and schematics. This set has an electronic tuner (varactor) and was not designed for remote use. It works fine set to vhf Ch-3 with a VCR, digital converter box ,or similar input. The set has been resting for the past 16 years, and still works ( see pictures). This set was ahead of its time featuring: plug-in glass epoxy circuit boards, ball bearing slide tuner drawer, hinged rear circuit board panel, and digital tuner with clock and channel number display.
I don't want this unique set to end up in the trash heap if possible.