1. james ackerman

    Another FREE giveway!!!!!

    Here's another giveaway! This time we have a beautiful vintage carlisle Indian head pin, only one though. There will only be 50 chances to win, one entry per person please. So if you would like to enter into the drawing reply to this post with your name and a number starting with number one as...
  2. owend

    Hs 35 with free Generator

    I'm selling a Sears generator with a really nice Tecumseh attached to it made in the early 1970's. It has been sitting for three years now but ran really well and produced power also. You could use it at Windber to power your heated blanket, electric heater, or anything else. I am willing to...
  3. Charles S

    New Falcon 200 (similar to Baja Warrior) $460 w/ free shipping

    Saw this and thought some members might be interested. 200cc Dirt Bike, with Automatic Transmission, and Recoil Start,Chain Drive!
  4. mini one

    Tecumseh points, free

    to good home, pay the shipping 6.80 flat rate envelope? or pick up check the numbers, I don't remember what they fit, extras from a package deal...
  5. FirePowerMinis

    Free Air, like gas stations used to have

    With the "real" mini bike engines being an upright finned cylinder, why aren't more run with the breeze to cool them? Stationary or low-speed use isn't what we're doing, so it seems that losing the substantial parasitic drag would be a reasonable gain. Starting has to be addressed, but otherwise...
  6. V

    Free tires 6 inch pickup only

    4 doodlebug metric tires for 6 inch wheels one 15x6-6 and one 13x6.5-6 the non db tires are new. Pickup only edison or southboundbrook nj.
  7. B

    Rare Trike......BUT, no free rides.

    Motorized Drift Trike
  8. Eurotech67

    212 predator engine FREE

    That right, FREE to good home, I got this in a package deal with a comet, this motor has suppositley never been ran, the governor was removed but the correct mods were never completed, have all part to put it back on. Moving and need to make some room, first come first serve, can't hold or ship...
  9. Mark G


    Yes, that's right, FREE!!!!! I've got a bunch of NOS Rupp, Speedway and Fox decals kicking around in my drawer. I'll stuff a couple of each in an envelope and ship them out tomorrow to the FIRST THREE people who PM me. Why three? "cause that's all the stamps I have left:laugh: Put them on...
  10. OND

    Great Friday and a Free Caddy

    I think we can all agree that Friday is always a great day ( for working folks at least):001_tt2::001_tt2: I was working in the shop yesterday when a customer called me saying his CTS Cadillac had the key stuck in the ignition and it would not start, and that if I wanted it to come and get it "...
  11. chipper

    Free Junk

    Well I need to thank another one of my neighbors for dumping his old pressure washer at the road , I now have my new engine test station , someone on hear shared this idea a while back , can't remember who though so I'm claiming that I invented it :laugh: To top that off the with the hose he...
  12. WrenchDad

    Antique Heathkit in the FREE section

    I almost SH*T my self when I saw this , I got so excited about the deal of a life time I didn't finish reading the title. In Pittsburgh I have a 40 year old Heathkit GR-2001 free to anyone interested in the hobby of electronics and kit building. Includes all construction manuals and...
  13. george3

    No free shipping

    Original Late Model Bonanza Minibike Aluminum Brake Hub Assembly Used Nice | eBay
  14. trinik7597

    free to a good home

    have a bunch of frames looking for a new home :thumbsup: come take one or better yet all of them :laugh:
  15. OND

    Ethanol Free Gas "Who Uses It "

    I've been using ethanol free gas for about a year now with great results... no starting problems. I guess I get tired of hearing people complain about there small engines not starting after they have set for a few months, it could be a Briggs, Tecumseh or a Clone engine. We have tore some clone...
  16. Z

    Man it happens again!

    2 weeks ago I was heading up to the park to meet up with the wife and sitting out by the road was an old rotor tiller! I threw it in the back of the s u v and brought it home. Cleaned the varnish out of the carb and cleaned the plug! After about 10 pulls she fired up! The gear box for the tiller...
  17. OND

    * Lil Indian Clutch/Chain Guard * ( Fiberglass Repopp)

    I got another cover made over the Memorial Day weekend.. If any body needs one. Cover only (no bracket no decal) $40.00 and I'll ship it for free.
  18. M

    Working with PHOTOS and how to better manage them on this forum...

    Greetings everyone, Many times you might have noticed you can only upload photos of only a specific size. The magic size is around 6 mb. You can actually post more pictures if they are of smaller size. I use my phone and sometimes the pics end up being over the 6 mb. This problem can be...
  19. OND

    * Lil Indian Clutch Cover * (Fiberglass Repopp)

    I've got another cover done:grind: :hammer: decal bracket, cover only. $38.00 and free shipping.