Any danger in using lawn turf tires on my trike build?

I want to use 20x10x8 lawn turf tires and rims from a tractor on my trike build. Tires are 2-ply. Any danger in using these tires? I don't anticipate going faster than 20 mph. Will be used mostly for trail and pasture ridng. I know there are alo 4-ply turf tires-maybe that would be a better option for it's stiffer sidewall?


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Im running Carlisle Badlands they are a heavy knobby. Im considering a turf tire to allow more wheel spin. I can spin the knobbies some but it really tears up the yard.


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I have bald turf golf cart tires on the rear of my Alsport TS110 and ran it up and down country roads, and through a chisel plowed field, they’re still fine.. now the ride was a little rough with not seat padding but fun and they worked fine