Any ideas? Year, Make Model?

What I know, has a tecumseh 3.5 hp engine, 19-0-54 on case, has a bird (eagle maybe) on the number plate with imperial under it. Handlebars resemble old trail 50/70 bars. Any help ideas are appreciated. Neat little bike.



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Efenel, Grand Prix etc

These were made in Taiwan and sold in the states by several different names by a few different companies.

Looks like a nice survivor. I like it.
Thanks for the info, I just picked it up and was interested in what it was about. It looks like from another thread the engine is from 1967, I can't find any stampings or identification marks anywhere but would like to narrow down the year. Thanks again.
The serial is on the little aluminum tag on the bottom right side of the engine (next to the recoil)
And hopefully not just two holes where it used to be. Way to help this guy out Andy. It sure looks like a nice survivor. I note that the chain guard is different than the brochure. Does that dictate which model it is?


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I can see the ID plate under the gas tank in the photo above, so it's still there. I'm not sure about the guard. I know those were used on some models, but not others. I'm not sure if that's related to the year or not


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yes, it's on the far right side of the tag. However, Tecumseh started making those style ID plates in 1971 and stopped in 1973. It's somewhere in that range. The first digit of the serial number will indicate which year.
Thanks for the info again. One more question, what would this be valued? I have seen some beaten down bikes sell locally for over 300 bucks


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We don't give values here per forum rules. The general consensus is "it's worth what someone would pay for it"

Some bikes are more collectible and desirable than others. It always comes down to that and condition

The condition of your bike is great, but there are a lot of those bikes, and not a lot of guys collecting them.
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