1. C

    Need Ideas For Attaching Bellypan/Gravel Guard

    I made three of these over the weekend for the CT200u. But haven't figured out how to attach it to the frame. Would just drilling and bolting to the frame significantly weaken the frame? Should I come up w/ an attachment mounting system using brackets, or? :confused: I think that 3...
  2. B

    Bought at auction, no identification of make or model. Any ideas?

    Hello, we bought this at an auction and cant find any make or model identification. Any thoughts on what this is? Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. S

    Any ideas? Mystery Chain Guard and wheel?

    Cleaning out the garage and found some stuff from way back. Wanted to see if anyone could help identify the: Chain Guard And Wheel Before I post them. Thank you in advance.
  4. D

    Any ideas? Year, Make Model?

    What I know, has a tecumseh 3.5 hp engine, 19-0-54 on case, has a bird (eagle maybe) on the number plate with imperial under it. Handlebars resemble old trail 50/70 bars. Any help ideas are appreciated. Neat little bike.
  5. I

    Monster Moto 80 (mmb80) predator stage 1 kit ideas?

    Welp, I got my max torque 12t clutch installed and predator 212cc motor insyalled after a few minor hiccups and wow, the power difference from stock. Soooo..of course, MORE MORE MORE!!! What would be best stage one kit for predator for the mmb80 that would fit right (with out mods for once) I...
  6. G

    Picked another, no name or markings seen? Any ideas?

  7. M

    Tote Goat Twist Throttle Ideas

    Fellow Tote Goaters and others, I'm looking for a solution to replace the stock twist throttle on a Tote Goat. I thought it would be a simple project, but what I'm running into is that the handlebar is 3/4 inch and NO ONE seems to offer a twist throttle replacement kit in anything smaller...
  8. Rapidrob

    Need 6.5 HP Greyhound engine muffler ideas

    I have a 3/4" pipe thread sausage type muffler on a header attached to a Greyhound 6.5 HP engine via a 24" header. The original muffler cannot be used due to the placement of the engine and air intake. The original muffler was very quiet. I need a quiet muffler,even if I have to weld it on the...
  9. apekillman

    Any ideas on this one??????

    Seller says it's a lil Indian. Looks weird to me, but I am certainly no lil Indian expert. Thanks all
  10. C

    Any ideas

    Does any one have any ideas what i have
  11. O

    Any ideas?

    Any ideas on this bike, had sprocket welded to the brake drum, carideng tires, fairly large frame, I live in Canada. I have a hunch it was built locally in Winnipeg perhaps, but could be wrong, was told by owner it's a Keystone, that it definitely is not...thanx in advance
  12. Richard W.

    Heald fender ideas for VT5

    My VT5 could use a couple fenders.Not trying to restore it just ad something that looks ok.Placed an ad in wanted section,just looking for any ideas or suggestions.
  13. Abit1322

    Brake ideas

    I started this project last year and never got around to brakes. I don't even know where to start with it either. I d like to get some ideas from some experts on where to go. It s a huffy hustler with a torque converter, the back wheel is too fat so I can't get a disk brake in there. Should I...
  14. lostinbaja

    I need some advice and/or ideas on my build.

    I have been working on an old Manco TrailCat. The frame has been cleaned up and painted the engine is a completely stock 3 1/2hp Tec side popper. My problem is that the air cleaner housing hits the rear fender unless the engine is completely forward in the adjusting slots. With the engine all...
  15. P

    any ideas?

    a friend sent me this pic of his neighbors mini bike, I have no idea what it is?
  16. B

    Any Ideas ?

    Any help would be appreciated......
  17. bikerboybenny8

    Fishing for ideas

    Alright gents.. up here in northern pa its getting to be that time of year where we retire the bikes, break em down, clean em up, and maybe throw a little billet in our engines. With that being said, ive got 4 projects going on this winter... 2 of them are my buddies (who know absolutely...
  18. xr7gt

    Any ideas of what this is

    Clinton powered mystery Help me id this for a friend, thanks !