any interest in a minibike/vintage gokart swap meet in cuddebackville N.Y.?

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hi guys,
i'm new here and know that minibikes have TWO wheels and an engine!!

what i'm thinking about doing next year is a combined minibike / vintage racing kart swap meet at the vintage go kart race we've been hosting at the o.v.r.p. track in Cuddebackville N.Y.

This year we had a really decent turnout of vintage kart racers and one of the ideas floated out thee was adding a swap meet area for next year.
somebody suggested inviting minibike guys too so here i am.

depending on response and interest i might be open to a minibike show too if someone knowledgable about minibike shows is willing to help.
i understand that there is such a thing as minibike drags too perhaps even track racing.

i'm beyond a newbee about minibikes so if you guys could fill me it on details i would be grateful.
i own harley bikes but that is different i suppose.

the track does host motocross races so it might work out that you could do something like that.
right now we're only discussing possibilities but we have less then a year till the next race so this is a good time to start.
thanx for an help
dave :cool:
Actually alot of East Coast swap meets happen at this time.
Besides we can't be changing the actual Vintage Kart Reunion date as 2013 will be year three after a ten year gap.

There is a Very real possibility of a smaller spring event but it would be part of the regular race schedule.
i can't say what the track thinks but if there's enough interest it might be another option to discuss.

I would be interested in going. A few of my friends go kart race at that track already, minibike road racing is definately fun. The problem is most minibkers dont actually ride for some reason? But there are a handful of us that arent afraid to abuse our bikes and have some fun in the process. I really hope you can get it going, keep us posted. Thanks Matt
Guys I know Dave, he is a straight shooter...we should try to support this if we can....nothing going on in October anyway.....:shrug:

You can count me in..:thumbsup:

Dave, any chance they would let us take a few laps on the track with the vintage minis.??? racing, just some parade laps......:scooter: :scooter: :scooter:

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Opps forgot that part.
was oct 5,6,7 this year so add a day next year .
we try for columbus day weekend.
not sure how the track is set up for insurance but if they are cool and you're crazy enough i'd allow a DEMONSTRATION mini bike race grid.
would be waaaay cool in my mind.
i've heard there are some hardcore drag race minis too.
the track has a 725 " straightaway so we might do some demo drags too.
with me it's what can be fit in and everything that's fun.

my basic premise is we're there to have fun, meet people that are nutty like us,
trade or sell off parts, eat burgers and tell lies about our "glory days"
and anyone nutty enough to restore something that costs twice it's value to do is a friend of mine!!

grumpy dave :)


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Sounds like a good time to me, I don't have anything to sell but I would be happy to bring my baja and the son's Yerf kart out for a day of fun
Let us know if the show will include mini's,I'm sure alot of us on the forum will make the trip.Maybe the bikes can meet on Saturday?Keep us posted Dave.Thanks Ray:thumbsup:
shows is a go

Ok guys,
just got off the phone with Tim, owner of OVRP.
he's totally cool with the mini bikes attending.
As far as the event happening it is gonna be the third year we do this the show will be happening.

here's is my proposal to you minibike collectors.
first there will definitely be a beauty show for the minis. not sure what sort of classes you guys do or don't have so need a volenteer to help me with that.

there can also be a minibike race grid.
i am again clueless how you'd do that but we have a bunch of time to work it out.

the swap meet thing is a definite too just gonna ask only SMALL collectibles,minibikes and go kart stuff be there.
car parts giant parts of any kind just won't be compatible with what we're doing.

There is a pending possibility of a minibike drag race during the intermission between the heat races and the feature races.
nt sure if that's a go yet as i am still learning about the minibike draggers.

enough for now will be posting some sort of flyer in the next few months.

finally we may actually be doing a few small races during the summer with the regular kart schedule.
if theres enough interest and at least four guys per class we can maybe get the minibikes in the schedule.

sample flyer first draft

heres a sample of my rough draft of the handout flyer.
i'll be passing these out at the next few swap meets i attend.
i'll also be sending them to various go kart clubs.
is there any minibike clubs i should be contacting??

GrUmPy DaVe PrOdUcTiOnS
wants to
PRE - PresenT OuR
ANnuAl ViNtAgE KaRt ReUnIoN
Mini Bike Rally
Kart and minibike Swap Meet

@ O.V.R.P. in Cuddebackville N.Y.
in association with
V.K.A. Vintage Kart Association

Oct 4-5-6 / 2013

Vintage kart Racing is alive and well on the Upper East Coast.
This year we had a record number of attendees and we'll only get bigger.
The idea was to race demonstrate our restored vintage karts in a venue that was there "in the day"
We did all of that!!!
We had fun 'demonstration racing" told lies about how great we were back in the day and ate burgers.
We had an idea to have a swap meet and invite minibikes for next year.
it's a go nd we want everyone to know about it.


for more info call:
for web site updates and general vintage kart information go to:

ect ect ect ect
you get the idea.
Grumpy dave:cool:
Sounds awesome! The best shows cars or otherwise are ones where you can ride your bike. Eg Jalopy showdown, windber minibike reunion, And now we have CUDDLEBACK!!!! Things are looking up!
As far as classes maybe do stock, and modified. OHV or 100cc two strokes?


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Push hard for drag races, hoping to do the 100ft ones next Sunday. Have a feeling it will get even more addictive then taking my car to test and tune nights.
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