Anyone build a propane minibike?

I just bought a Lehr propane powered weed wacker and I'm impressed. No fuel/oil mix, no old fuel clogging jets, no choke. And almost no smell. It uses one of those small green propane tanks made for BBQ's and lanterns. I wonder if it could be hung on the back of a frijole frame instead of the fuel tank.
I was thinking the same thing.

I just scored an old generator with a 3horse briggs and propane converted updraft carb.

No spark yet. But easy enough to fix, or Ill pull that carb off and fit it to another 3 horse briggs I have.

Im thinking the one pound bottles wont last long but it sure would be differerent.

Good thread, I want to see what others have to say.



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I was going to convert a 6.5 over. Had everything off a small fork lift but someone needed the setup and I made a nice profit selling it so thats as far as I got. In the 90's the company I use to mechanic for run a lot of there equipment off propane and gas. The hardest 1 we ever converted was a F150 W/302 fuel injected. Everyone said it couldn't be done short story it runs on propane. Now 20 years later they probably sell a conversion kit for EFI. :shrug:
I would love to try it! All our farm trucks had propane setups back in the 70s, my uncle still has his! I still have my truck, a sweet 77 dually with a 454 turbo400 with a farm bed but the propane setup is long gone! The trucks ran good on it, a bit less power but when propane was cheap it was a blessing to have it! I will follow this to see if and how you end up doing it! Awesome thread!:thumbsup:
my buddy does natural gas conversions he has 3 cars that do but he worked on a 5hp briggs and she said for commercial use it works great but it doesnt have enough torque for a go cart.