1. SnakePliscan

    DIY Propane Bottle fuel tank Doddlebug

    I made this tank from a old propane bottle, the fill cap is from a tin container that had a metal screw cap, it's just soldered on. Capacity is 1 litre approx. The brass 1/4" compression fitting is soldered in too, tank is vented though a small hole in the fill cap with hole in the gasket...
  2. The Restore Kid

    FREE electricity from propane heaters

    HOW the hell does that work? :shrug: I'm lookin at this stupid heater, it's got a basic on/off switch, OR you can wire your two wires rite here and hook up your thermostat... Doesn't show where to put any power INTO the unit.. evidently the regulator control valve unit just creates electricity...
  3. delray

    propane power

    hey guys, thought i just post this briggs engine i seen this summer with a propane set.
  4. C

    Anyone build a propane minibike?

    I just bought a Lehr propane powered weed wacker and I'm impressed. No fuel/oil mix, no old fuel clogging jets, no choke. And almost no smell. It uses one of those small green propane tanks made for BBQ's and lanterns. I wonder if it could be hung on the back of a frijole frame instead of...
  5. H

    Mods for Propane

    Hello all! I'm new to this forum. I decided to join after seeing all the awesome ideas you all have. I have a briggs 3.5 HP flat head vertical shaft engine that I converted to run on propane. It runs great as is, but since propane contains less energy than gas, it doesn't make quite as...