ARCO 2502


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Interesting! I like to hang my paint parts from the apple tree out back. It helps block the sun a bit when I’m trying to paint the underside and not miss anything. It’s always fun to take a frame down, turn it over, and see a couple bare spots…:D


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Nice ARCO! That front wheel and tire combo, was that used on the ARCO EZ rider II chopper?
I think it was, It was on the bike when I picked it up and the age and condition matched the bike very well so I am guessing it was put on in a pinch at the factory or maybe swapped at a dealer as normally these had studded F/R.
One thing i ran into with my Arco (seems like the same frame) was that the fork bushings were an odd size. Ended up having new ones machined from oil impregnated bronze. Steering is super tight now.


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This was the engine that came on the Manco streaker that was bought along with this bike (seen the the first pic in this thread), I had parted that bike out (which profits from that is what’s been funding this bike;)).

I internally rebuilt it, was not going to as it ran and ran good. But when I pulled the sidecover just make sure it was alright and to clean out any sludge, I found the gov gear flyweights buggered pretty bad! So I went ahead and did a full rebuild just to be safe.
IMG_4695.jpeg IMG_4708.jpeg IMG_4709.jpeg
Typical 3 angle valve seat recuts and refacing of the valve faces, note this still a standard size exhaust valve since it was a 1993 engine. IMG_4718.jpeg
IMG_4719.jpeg IMG_4716.jpeg IMG_4717.jpeg
I chose the replace the 1993 H35 shroud with a 1987 H30 shroud to backdate the look. Typically people mistake these with older shrouds and it can be mistaken with a ‘77. That was the last year for flags and the first year to have the head changes as well as flanged head bolts so that was my thinking, plus now I have a “stroked” 3hp
IMG_4713.jpeg IMG_4714.jpeg IMG_4715.jpeg
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