Arco Easy Rider I chopper

Well, like father like son, or vice versa in this case. My boy bought one of these at Windber from George. I can't say I wasn't jealous!
Fast forward to my good friend Craigslist today. Saw this hunny listed for the outrageous sum of $50 obo...
I thought, "How cool would it be to restore one along side of my son?" I've actually owned one before but sold it to NJ Mike.
Well, it has the wrong wheels, but other than needing a new engine plate its actually pretty good.
nice finds chad.will be nice to have 2 .i rode ours one or twice but kinda small for me.
it was the first minibike our boy ever rode.

Thanks fellas. I think our goal is to have them parade ready for Windber next year. I don't plan to ride mine much but that would be fun.
My Dad has an all original paint/seat/decal Easy Rider II like your Yoop. I'd love to get that there as well.