1. myjunk

    This one should be easy

    My friend picked this out of the weeds for $10, now he wants to know what it is. Thanks for the help
  2. H

    Tube Coping Calculator- a very easy "fishmouth" tool.

    I stumbled on to this handy tube coping calculator posted and modified by "Metal Geek." By entering tube OD, wall thickness, adjoining tube diameter, and the desired angle of offset, the program will compute a perfect geometrical shape you can use as a pattern for cutting the coping. You...
  3. topnotch

    Alexander Reynolds (EZ) Easy Rider

    Here is a complete Alexander Reynolds Easy Rider just in time for Christmas all you need to do to this one is paint it, if you choose to do so. I never got around to painting it got around to painting it because I enjoyed riding it so much. This is my all around go to rider. It has a good set so...
  4. myjunk

    An easy one. Is this a Rupp xl350?

    I just picked this up today, and I think its a Rupp xl 350, but am thrown by the front drum brake. I thought they came with a disc brake. I suppose someone could have added this later, but also the tail light bracket looks different to me. Thanks for the help
  5. ugmold

    1970 Easy Rider Trike

    Just saw this on my local CL, not mine.. 1970 easy rider 100% original minibike
  6. R

    1970 easy rider 100% original minibike (trike)

  7. piglet

    Arco easy rider question

    Would this have come with a gas tank up by the seat originally?
  8. ogygopsis

    Fox Campus Fender Stripes....The Easy Way !

    The fenders on the Fox Campus bikes featured two parallel racing stripes that ran from the front end to the back end of each fender. Faced with the prospect of applying these stripes on twenty fenders and making sure they were centered, parallel, and straight was not a task I really wanted to...
  9. ludicrous speed

    easy rim id

    hey guys sorry to bother you with such a trivial detail, but ive got this rim im trying to reuse and i dont know > what bike its off of. what plate style,and Where more importantly, can i find a 3 bolt gearplate that takes #40 chain that will fit that wheel? it originally had a #35...
  10. C

    Arco Easy Rider and bushwacker frame

    arco easy rider and bushwacker mini bike frame $100 each.....will ship
  11. Rupp 72

    Alexander Reynolds Easy Rider

    Alexander Reynolds Easy Rider for sale. It is the earlier rarer model with the straight forks. Original wheels. Needs work but has potential. $375 obo for sale in Waunakee Wi. I can ship at buyer's expense.
  12. B

    Searched and searched....looking for an easy answer regarding timing and arc flywheel

    Hi Folks, I DID search for at least an hour....so if I missed it, pardon the ignorance. New non-hemi HF predator engine. New Arc billeted flywheel (non adjustable 8degree advanced) Do I need to "adjust" timing after installation?? Or can I assume timing is "on"? Mod 2 cam BTW. Thanks!
  13. H

    arco easy rider maybe

    I think its a arco easy rider but what model
  14. D

    zero lash

    I've searched and read for an easy way to adjust my valves to zero lash cold, but haven't found an easy way. If I bring it to tdc on the compression stroke and tighten them down where a .002 feeler gauge won't fit between the lash cap and rocker arm, the pushrod still has a lot of play up and...
  15. J

    Which of these 3 engine's should i use?

    Red 132232 0357 02 88120207 White 1(6/2/3/5)0202 ??(maby 13)35-01 6909027 Black 130292 0917 01 82062306 The white one is really hard to read the numbers from... I'm building a new bike, and just wondering which will be the best engine. All three are running... The red one is the is the...
  16. G

    Need help with my first mod

    I just got that first DB30 with the predator 212 I posted last week, and I want to start doing some mods. I really love all the headers that I see people ordering and putting on. Is this a fairly easy mod for a beginner? I'm totally new to minis, so I don't want to get in over my head. Do I...
  17. WrenchDad

    Gas additive to clean 2cyl carb/

    I just got a ryobi string trimmer for less than a song. It's like new but hasn't run in awhile. The tank was clean and dry but smelled like old premix. I put the 50:1 in it and it runs but not real good I have to feather the choke. I'm assuming the carb or probably the diaphragm has some sludge...
  18. M

    Upgrades to my bikes

    Just posting a quick update following my new guy thread from a few days ago. As a quick recap we bought 3 Motovox Mbx11s for Christmas--kids love them but I can't keep up (I weigh 180#). So I bought 2 jackshaft kits from HotRodMiniBike and a Phase 3 kit for the 3rd. The jackshaft kits are...
  19. tippycanoenm

    OldMiniBikes's new forum

    So I am getting used to this new forum and found out I really like how the photo section is set up........Seems like it is put together really well and is easy to navigate. I want to thank OldMiniBikes and those who have contributed, those who have worked hard to make it what it is........:thumbsup:
  20. Thad

    I know this is an easy one. Today's other find. Will find it right after posting.

    Two bike Tuesday. Lonely 5 hr round trip to get them . know this is an easy one. I would like to know what I am missing and if it's the original paint color? What do the real chain guard and clutch guard look like? Are the wheels correct? I hope not, I would like these on another bike.