Asuza right?

Guess since you are from only learned a few phrases "hey Pa..get off of Sis and give me a crack at it" and "Hey..I just bought me an Asuza contraption":anon.sml:
#13 long as you Ohio guys can out run the woman in your wont ever be lonely. And the farm animals are thankful for that. :shrug:


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Well, there was this one night. We was all up at the campground on Lake Erie. Man, the carp were bitin good.

All the family was there. Big Uncle John,who was married to Aunt Sally, was the cool Uncle. Hey always drank to much. But was loaded and married way above his league.
I was about 12-13. Just getting hair under my nose.

Well, we were fishing and it was getting late. Uncle was pretty toasted and went on to the cabin. Aunt Sally stayed....

How's that for bs:laugh:
I have been up since 5am...built 2 bikes out of spare parts..made breakfast....and cleaned up the garage. What have you done besides hugged wildlife today Moosehugger?