Baja db30 axle set

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hi I’m new to these forums but I been looking for a set of axles for a doodle bug db30 front and rear lost mine and no luck finding some online so wondering if anyone has a some willing to sell.
The set from a Coleman CT100U might be the same. They're available on the Coleman Powersports site. You'll need to do some measuring to make sure they'll work though.
If you are using an actual Baja DB30 front rim, the spacers are 54mm and 83mm, the original wheel hubs are offset. Most retailers offer rims that will fit but what they don't tell you is, the offset is more than likely different and will require new spacers. Motovox, Coleman, Moster Moto and Mega Moto wheels will all pretty much interchange with each other but the wheel spacing, sprocket hubs and brake hubs are not always in the same location.